Class A Jacket (2017-03-28)
A well made reproduction of an extremely hard to find piece. Very cost effective although it does require tailoring. Great piece!

Officers 4 pocket Class A Tunic (2016-03-30)
I recently ordered the Officer's Class A "Pinks and Greens Coat and Trousers. This review will be for the Coat only. The package arrived separately from the trousers as it shipped from a different source. Shipping was fast as usual. The Coat is fairly well matched to the size 44 that I ordered. It should be said that these jackets are shipped unfinished which is a great help when having them tailored to fit. The sleeves and lower hem of the jacket body are basically tacked in place loosely to facilitate fitting. The shade looks correct when compared to original jackets, as is the structure of the coat itself. The sleeve "Officer's Stripe" is included separately. The buttons on my example were already sewn onto the jacket. Brass buttons for the pockets and the three large buttons down the front with a bakelite button where the belt line lays. The belt is tacked in place in two places around the back and there are no belt loops or places for belt hooks. I am completely satisfied with the coat even before tailoring. If there is enough material after alterations, I'm going to have belt loops made so the belt can slip back and forth to line up the "gig line". Great job WPG!

Coulter - US
Pleased with purchase (2016-02-26)
The material is a great color and a nice sturdy weight. Construction is well done. The cut of the garment seems to be wider in the shoulders and fit through the torso, so no need to buy a larger size if you have wide shoulder issues. Very pleased with the fit on our gentleman.

Liz Goodall - US

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