Puttees (2014-11-20)
Great putteees and well made from decent leather. Looked after they should last a lifetime. I added copper rivets to the buckles and straps just to make sure but really no need as the stitching is very well done. They should last a lifetime. They are very close to an old pair that was hanging around the house when I was a kid years ago from my granddad. Off to add some horse wear, sweat and grease. Thanks Jerry, nice kit.

Patrick J - Ireland
shin armor (2014-02-24)
These are fantastic...i'm 5' 10" 230lbs and these puttees fit like a glove. The 15" works well if your like me and wear high top hiking boots. Leaves enough room for the high top and you knee to move comfortably. I used some extra virgin oilive oil to condition the inside and outside of the leather and they darkened up nicely!

zant - US
US M1911 Leather Puttees (2013-08-20)
Everyone asks me: "where did you get them"? I am talking about people that are not even remotely interested in re-enacting. You see, I live in the land of the "Mojave Green". This is a rattlesnake to you tenderfeet. In San Bernardino County, California every hospital has rattlesnake antivenin. If you ever saw a buddy writhing in agony, foaming at the mouth, while blood oozes out of every orifice, then you'll understand the obsession with "Girding Your Loins". Thanks Jerry, another magnificient piece of leather work.

Speer - US

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