Well... (2020-05-06)
I wanted to love this however there are several areas where I feel these could have been done better. The good: the colour is wonderful as is the weight. Very much spot on. As others have said, the brown and green are reversed, but I have seen original ones with this print as well(even some with darker colours of the 47/54). Customer service I'd spot on and as advised, ordered two sizes up on the pants. Still too small. Contacted WPG and returned the pair no prob.
The bad: I must have gotten a one off on the jacket. The sewing on mine is so inconsistent. Some parts are very well sewn, others are so mediocre. Also, only the top two snaps on the lobster tail work. The other two refuse to snap. The zippers are also terrible and the sewing on the left main zipper is also mediocre and is already fraying. I did a hot wash to shrink down to size and the brass grommets in the pockets have left rust stains around them. Not a big deal as one doesn't notice them as much. The other omission is the grommets in the underarms. My two original jackets have four under the arms, not three.
All in all, I'm giving four stars for the customer service and the pants, despite the size, where spot on. The jacket, I'm going to fix on my own, but who knows, perhaps like I said, got an off QC jacket.

Adam - Virginia
Outstanding delivery time (2020-04-26)
Very accurate and a great addition to my collection. Thanks again!

Herwald - US
very good item (2020-01-30)
thanks verrymuch all very good item (5 STA )

Ly - US

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