Great company (2021-05-29)
These Rhodesian items are definitely European; they're built for skinny people, and have odd cuts/buttons in odd places but they're authentic and really thick and durable. The customer service actually answers the phones & emails and that's VERY rare nowadays. Would definitely buy from again in the future.

Osborne - US
skinny jean vibes (2021-05-13)
The colors are true and the fabric is comfortable. I got size 34 based on my waist. The waist fits great but is a little tight on the butt and thighs (my wife loves it). My only complaint is with the stitching on the buttons. During the first wash a button fell off of the crotch closure. After a quick sew job the pants were good as new.

nate - US
Another quality product (2021-04-22)
WPG customer service is also topnotch. I had to do an exchange (totally my fault) and the replacement trousers were delivered very quickly.

Hall - US

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