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fast delivery (2017-02-24)
tutto perfetto

pauletto - IT
US Army Suspenders, Mountain (Original) (2012-09-24)
excellent condition . very nice item !

gontard - FR
Excellent (2012-03-25)
Third pair bought to match with historical items in my collection, but one of them I currently use it on various utilities & overpants at work, they fits perfectly.
Remarkably, each & every piece is perfectly new & flawless -absolutely recommended for any purpose.

Lazzaro - Italy
Excellent (2012-03-02)
Repeatedly bought to match original garments, absolutely satisfied by both authenticity & optimal state of preservation. In my opinion, would fit the most part of reenactors.

Ricciardi - IT
Perfect (2011-06-22)
Original, Flawless Item - Well Fitting; ripped out buttons as one bends over are part of the game.

Ricciardi - Italy
Mountain Trousers (2010-04-21)
Great suspenders! Taking them to me for Jefferson Barracks this weekend!

Puls - US
Mountain trousers suspenders (2010-02-15)
Great item !! Nice originals Thanks again

prismall - GB
US ARMY suspendes (2009-12-14)
original item,great,

Mattioli - IT
US Army Suspenders, Mountain (Original) (2009-04-26)
very very original ok

Luciano - IT