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Great Comforter (2018-11-02)
Great Commando comforter and despite shipping from the Middle East still arrived in under a week.

Henni - US
Fast delivery (2018-09-14)
No instructions received

Bru - US
Very nice piece of kit! (2018-04-06)
Perfect repo, well made of good quality wool! Perfect for anyone working out in the cold!

Oram - CA
Warmth... (2018-03-20)
Nice addition to my cold-weather gear... Doubles as a neck wrap if I need it, and keeps my noggin warm. Gives me a uniques look, too!

Kearley - US
Very warm (2018-02-21)
Once I figured out how to make it from a scarf to a cap, it was just as I remembered from a previous cap comforter. Awesome, warm...perfect.

Hobbs - US
The best (2018-01-11)
Nicely done , same as original, super fast delivery . Top Ace !

Bergeron - CA
Super fast delivey (2017-11-11)
Beautiful and great item.

Ling - CA
Quick delivery (2017-09-26)
Excellent cap, well made. Will be essential kit when out walking

Sculpher - UK
Great piece of kit (2017-07-18)
Good stuff. Fast shipping. Slow delivery due to Customs hold.

Alatorre - US
Satisfactory. (2017-04-04)
Just right for hunting coyotes on skis.

Moore - US
Great item, fast delivery (2016-09-20)
Well made, good price,fits well keeps your nut warm and tostie! recommended item.

turner - UK
Great product (2016-09-05)
Arrived in short order and the cap comforter was exactly as advertised. The order arrived faster from Germany than some orders I get from Chicago!

Saxon - US
Good delivery. (2016-06-20)
There is a guy that I know who wears one of these, flashes a cheap FS knife, and says he's a commando. I wear one of these, and I call myself warm.

Webber-Winsor - CA
Super (2016-06-19)
Veri nice, good fabric and colour!

Dieterle - DE
Super (2016-06-18)
good size and perfect quality

Dieterle - DE
Excellent Service (2016-06-01)
The goods arrived within the week and were better quality than I expected.

Dr. Stuart Phillpot

Phillpot - AU
great quality (2016-03-18)
Great quality! I bought one in each color and have already worn them about in the cold weather; they work perfectly.

Cap comforter (2015-12-19)
Nice reproduction,great fabrics and color.

Anton - RU
cap (2015-09-06)
Excellent as usual with speedy shipping too.

Van - US
warm and deal (2015-03-02)
In this day and age with fleece and under armour....this historical reproduction is warm in snow and all sorts of winter. One of the best purchases on winter gear I have ever bought period. Great period piece and toasty... A little tricky rolling it into a hat but still absolutely warm and keeps your head and ears dry. I wear this every time it gets cold in the woods and in New York

Matthew Casserly - Staten Island New York USA
hello (2015-02-16)
The Uk Cap Comforters are very warm and the quality is very good. I will definetly buy more comforters in the future.

Wilson - US
a great bye (2015-01-01)
Very well made and highly recommend

martin - GB
aj (2014-12-23)
great item, great delivery.

smith - NZ
Comforter, British (2014-11-30)
As ever, WPG is fast & accurate. The products are redolent of super 100% wool!

Morrison - PL
Comfort Cap (2014-10-30)
Great quality, great product. Super fast shipping. Continues to be my go-to purveyor!

Little - US
cap (2014-10-29)
i like it! Thanks!

Cooper - CA
UK cap comforter (2014-10-14)
Yep, just like everyone else I opened this and thought I got a scarf. I had forgotten the trick to it. When I went back to the website I figured it out. Exactly what I wanted.

Santos - US
UK Cap Comforters (2014-10-05)
muy buen repro como siempre

casariego - ES
brit stocking cap (2014-10-02)
Excellent quality and arrived
much quicker than I expected.

pondolfino  - US
UK Cap Comforter (2014-08-10)
Great product & khaki colour, however with my hat size being 59cm, I find it very tight.

Stehn - AU
Nice (2014-08-01)
Just as shown. Can't ask for more than that.

Clark - US
UK Cap Comforters (2014-07-22)
Great product thanks.

Pike - AU
5 (2014-07-18)
A very nice repro item. It needs to be a bit tight because it is meant to stay in place under difficult operational circumstances. Warm and comfortable. Great customer service.

Wilson - AU
Comforter Cap (2013-11-18)
Excellent cap! Extremely low price! Indistinguishable from originals. Once I got over my initial embarrassment at how ridiculously easy it is to "roll" in to a cap, I couldn''t be happier! Very warm. Unlike many reviewers, I didn''t find it that tight on my head (71/2 60)submerged it in water, wrung it out stretched it over a soccer ball overnight, perfect fit!

Mike - Tallahassee, Fl.
UK Cap Comforter (2013-11-14)
Top quality although a little tight

Borg - AU
UK Cap Comforter (2013-11-12)
Excellent fast service and communication, after suffering through web store glitches. Cap fits my 7 3/4 (62) head so I don't know how to explain the size complaints. For reference, color is like a SAS sand beret.

Neuenburg - US
Brit Cap Comforter (2013-11-02)
Have ordered a lot of items from WPG,and have always been pleased with everything. However can''t figure out for the life of me how to fold a rectangular piece of wool into a cap? Some instructions would have been nice.

Michael - Florida
Cap comforter (2013-10-15)
Well made, looks just like the originals. Ultra-fast shipping from the UAE.

Wheeler - US
Kit (2012-05-05)
Great piece of kit!

daly - US
British cap comforter (2012-04-02)
Very pleased with the quality. Again, great service and super fast shipping.

McCleaf - US
UK Cap Comforters (2012-03-07)
The comforter looks beautiful.

Irving - US
Great cap! (2012-01-24)
Nice material - light weight wool, and once you know to use the "sock puppet" method of creating the cap, you've got a distinctive and functional piece of headgear!

Singleton - US
Nice! (2012-01-18)
Awesome! Used it an event where it was freezing and was totally cozy. Been using it outside of reenacting too!

Mateja, US - US
Comfy Comforter (2012-01-08)
Surely those Commandos never got cold ears, great cap (the ladies love it, lol)

Zabala - ES
British cap comforter (2011-12-31)
Product as described!
great product!

uk cap comforter (2011-12-29)
fast delivery, great repo once i was instructed on how it worked thanks jerry

Johnson - AU
UK Cap Comforters (2011-12-23)
Excellent reproduction and excellent service

Landi - IT
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2011-11-09)
Great! Outstanding customer service! Speedy delivery.

Chayka - UA
Cap (2011-10-18)
Arrived fast Nice cap

Everingham - CA
comforter (2011-09-12)
feels really good but was a little small to put on your head. but i guess i have to wear it more and it will fit perfect.

Andersson - SE
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