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FANTASTIC (2019-07-05)
I received my riding breeches and they are great! I recently wore them to the Gold Cup Races in Middleburg, VA and they were a definite hit! I cannot recommend Jerry Lee, and WPG enough! He always comes through!

Richard - ROANOKE, VA
Quality of Product and Timeliness of Receipt (2018-11-01)
I am totally satisfied with the US Army Officer wool breeches in drab pink shade I received. I have two pair of original breeches and the quality matches! And the delivery was "right on time!" Thank you.

Young - US
fast delivery (2016-11-11)
very nice, conform to quality

Still crazy after all these years (2016-06-17)
Material 1st rate -- Color spot on - Fit was very good - Not custom tailored but neither is the price. All in all, don't know where else you could find a new pair!!! Price is reasonable, fit good, material and workmanship good. So, if for some reason you want a pair of these\, this might very well be the place!!

Jack - US
Exceptional purchase (2016-01-18)
Exemplary customer service. Wajed Malik and Jerry Lee responded quickly on my questions about size and the shipment arrived in under a week. Excellent fit and I look to purchase a second pair nothing better for cold weather riding - and after seeing them several friends intend to purchase a pair as well.

Jenkins - US
Richard USA (2015-12-31)
had Sz problems they were taken care of,in process of sending them back for refund..

Richard US (2015-12-31)
Breeches 1st one was way too small measured 2sz too small 2nd measured 4sz too lge 3rd measured way too small. WPG took care of the problem instantly with no problem....

Excellent Garment (2014-11-28)
The breeches are outstanding - a bit tight at the waist, but that problem's on me, not the garment! I have looked 'high and low' for years for breeches like this, then by accident stumbled across the existence of What Price Glory/Online Militaria. Most impressive with these breeches is the quality of construction and the fabric. Shipment and delivery speed is nothing short of remarkable. Certainly this is not my last purchase from What Price Glory.

Monte M - Larkspur, Colorado - US
Exceeded my expectations (2014-07-06)
I am amazed at the high quality of these jodhpurs! I don't know how you do it for the price. I appreciate the thick twill fabric, the excellent tailoring, the reinforcements inside, the perfectly matching thread, buttons, and even lacings.

What a find. I was getting desperate until I found WPG.

eden - US
Officers breeches (2014-03-06)
After disappearing in a size 40 regular, I got another in 38 short, and this one is perfect (I am 5.10, waist size 38). As regards the fantastic quality, I have nothing to add to my previous review. Delivery was lightning-fast, ordered on Friday, got the parcel on Wednesday. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Philip - GB
Officers breeches (2014-02-28)
The arrival of a parcel from my military tailors of choice, Messrs. What, Price and Glory, is always a cause for joy. These breeches had me laughing and weeping. They are of an exceptional quality in both material and workmanship. There is not one stich in the wrong place. Great details from the fabric of the lining to the knee patches and braces buttons. I made, however, a grave mistake in not listening to WPG''s advice and ordered a regular length, as well as one waist size up following some of the comments. I wear 36/38 size trousers, and I disappear in the 40 regular breeches, way to wide and long. For future reference, these measure: Flat across waist 21", inner leg length 28,5". Luckily I could sell these on to a fellow equestrian who is more heftily build, and I''ve ordered a smaller size (38 short).

Philip - GB
Joe Wicen (2013-11-15)
Great breeches. superb workmanship. length was perfect. However the waist waist was to small.

Wicen - US
PURE PERFECTION! (2013-03-21)
These breeches are AMAZING! Not only are they perfectly replicated from the originals, they are so finely crafted that they are easily one of the best pieces of clothing I own. They were used for a stage production that was set in the 1930's, and they made the character. Thank you so much for offering these! They're a dream come true!

Roy Stanton - US
Pure PERFECTION! (2013-02-21)
Actually, "perfection" is an understatement! This is one of the finest garments I''ve ever owned. Fit, construction, materials are all superb beyond expectation. Shipped to me at lightning fast speed. What Price Glory is number one in my book among military clothiers!

Roy - Seattle, WA
Mr (2012-11-19)
A nice fit and delivered very quickly indeed

Skinner - GB
US officer riding breeches (2012-10-03)
Excellent fit and very comfortable.

Ledlow - US
Drab Breeches (2012-08-09)
I ordered my size of 32 in the drab "pink" breeches. They were too tight at the waist and calves. I sent them back for exchange for the next size up (34). Very good exchange system and no hassles. Great team work on behalf of What Price Glory. I am looking forward to the 34's!

The breeches are well made and the drab "pink" color is right on the mark!

Rowden - US
us army breeches in pink drab (2012-07-21)
Excellent breeches,great fit and fabric,superb delivery and service.

Spiby - GB
BREECHES (2012-07-13)

breeches (2012-01-19)
The breeches are constructed so very well. I just want to say that the waist size seems to be cut a little smaller then the usual trousers size so if you usually wear a size 38 you should order the next size up 40. that is my only suggestion

Butler - US
M (2012-01-13)
Nice breeches. Perfect color and even have suspender buttons.

Stumpf - US
finest riding breeches available (2011-09-18)
well made and terrific fabric

rnf - US
excellent company- great products (2011-09-18)
superb quality!- excellent service

Bob - US
Breeches (2011-06-03)
I have an original pair of these breeches, but I dislike wearing original items if I can find an exact reproduction. These breeches are an exact copy of my originals right down to the smallest detail. Fit perfect too. Great item

Fass - US
riding britches- good value (2011-05-03)
quality britches, well made

rnf - US
Very Nice Indeed (2011-04-23)
Well made. Nicely cut. WPG service top notch as always.

J H Stanley - US
comments (2011-02-25)
great quality and perfect tailoring. Color and light details are superb. Thanks !

Waiglein - IT
Officers'' reeches (2011-02-14)
Been wearing these breeches for 2 1/2 years now. Virtually no sign of wear, except on the leather strapping (that''s what the strapping is for!). Good fit and cut, and excellent wearing qualities for actual use. Jerry rarely gets it wrong, and delivery is always excellent.

Jon - Ireland
radm (2011-01-01)
My second pair.Retro at my fox hunt.

mcmahon - US
radm (2010-12-26)
great product perfect size I ordered a second pair!

mcmahon - US
US ARMY WOOL BREECHES ( Drab Pink Shade) (2010-12-20)
The Breeches that I
received were too tight at my usual size 36 (I needed the next size up). This was quickly remedied by WPG exchange system which worked like a charm.
I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency with which the replacement was disptached. A great item, by the way.

Waszak - US
My 35 year search is at an end (2010-07-23)
I just received my riding pants. My 35 year search is at an end! The fabric, and it''s weight are perfect. The tailoring is simply superb. I don''t know how you got it so right...but than you!

Great. (2010-07-13)
The breeches arrived in Europa rather quickly. I damaged my current pair in a yachting accident. These arrived quickly enough from the Safe Zone to put me back on the horse for the next fox hunt.

Lord Harrington - Preussiae
Officer's Riding Breeches (2010-05-27)
Superb quality and service!

Rollandi - US
OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (2010-04-05)
The breeches were of excellent quality and top notch tailoring. To say I was pleased is an understatement, I could not get back to my computer fast enough to order another pair. I ordered quite a bit larger than my size and will have them tailored to fit. They seem to run fairly true to sizing. If you use them for riding they will be plenty tough to do the job. I recently bought a pair of whipgord wool pants that cost twice as much and were not near as nice. The shipping was lighting fast. Order with extream confidence!!!!!! Keep up the great work WPG!!!!!!

Harris - US
former us marine (2010-04-20)
just what i wanted, great quality,great service, hope to do more busines with you in the future. respectfully. b trimble

trimble - US
US Army Officer wool breeches in drab pink shade (2010-04-04)
Wonderful breeches. Top notch quality construction and attention to detail. I've seen originals and I think these surpass originals in quality and construction. The workmanship is also superb. Sizing and fit is spot on as well. I tried these on, slipped on some boots and wanted to Liberate Europe! Shipping was lightning fast too. Many thanks to the WPG team.

Shaw - US
Breeches (2010-02-23)
Truly superb materials and workmanship. Very hard to find comparable. What impresses me the most with WPG is the Customer Service and ability to easily return/exchange items. I have referred many friends to WPG. Thanks

Roth - US
us army officer's breeches (2010-02-05)
Very nice item, like original! Perfect replica! Very fast shipping : USA - Poland! THANK YOU JERRY VERY MUCH!

Luczynski - PL
US Army Officers Breeches in drab pink shade (2010-01-27)
Exceptional quality! Superb breeches at an amazing price. Traditional breeches are almost impossible to find and these are true to the originals. I am 6' tall and have a 31" inseam. The regulars are just a tad long, so I would definately second the recommendation that anyone 5'11" or under order the short. Well done, Jerry!

Loughery - US
just great. (2010-01-13)
Truely outstanding...3rd pair I've bot.. I fox hunt to hounds and they are perfect " Old School" breeches. Price is a bargain...compared to Saville Row, bespoke, made to orders..and they are close enough in quality to stand up to breeches at 6X the price. PLEASE keep them in stock!!!

scott - US
Si Tommy 14, UK (2009-08-18)
Amazing quality and a perfect fit! Best breeches I have ever bought. Nobody in the UK comes near on quality & price!

Excellent Quality! (2009-06-09)
I must say I am absolutely impressed the quality and fit are fantastic!
Perfect addition to my '20's Flying gear

Damiani - US
1920 Style Ridding Breeches (2009-06-01)
I own many pair of ridding breeches that I wear almost daily, whether on my horse, on a photo expedition, or the Art Museum. It difficult find many tailors outside of London with extant patterns able fit up a man proper.
Flared breeches really are an article of clothing, as a day suit jacket that a man needs custom-bespoke made for him. These breeches come close, damn close!
You can not buy the cavalry twill for this price, let alone have your taylor make them for you for this value. Try around € 350.- ( 500.-u.s.)
* Advice: buy two or three pair and have them tailored or adjusted to you should you like. Buy some in different sizes in case you are overcome by the crème brulée and Chardoney!

Lord Harrington - US
US Army Officer Wool Breeches..SUPER NICE... (2009-03-05)
I am no expert, like I'm sure some of your customers are, the "breeches" meet or exceed what I expected from you.....Thanx again.
Remember me, I got you some entrenching tool covers back several years ago from a Army Surplus Store in downtown Atlanta, GA. That store has been there on Peachtree Street since 1954. I now live in Gilbert, AZ and have since 2005. That store still have several hundred of those left along with several thousand pairs of "leggings"........

Pitman - US
U.s.Army Officer wool breeches in drab pink shade (2009-02-17)
Outstanding quality and I feel like I'm holding an original. My first order with you and I am very impressed. Also, they fit (which with my large calfs had me concerned)

Plyer - US
Excellent (2009-02-11)
Extremely well made and just like an original pair I recently saw

Scherrer - US
Very good (2009-01-31)
Very good quaility and workmanship.

Snyder - US
US Army Officer wool breeches in drab pink shade (2008-12-16)
Superb. very good quality.

Richard - FRANCE
Officer Mounted Breeches (2007-06-20)
Jerry has done it again! The quality of the material and workmanship is equal to riding breeches costing over $300.00 from other vendors. I have several variations of original breeches from this period and Jerry''s represent the best of that time.

Mike - Nebraska, USA