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Jolly Good Mess (2014-08-27)
A bit banged up, but in fine condition for "as issued" item. The last user apparently didn't clean out the grease, but it all washed off easily.

Michael B - US
Undated British mess tins (2014-08-07)
Very fast shipping. Mine were dated '41, which was a nice surprise. In good condition, some minor expected dings and nicks, but soaked in grease. A thorough cleaning and they are perfect for my use as part of a display.

Carpenter - US
British Mess Tins (2013-09-27)
The order came in faster then anything. They are rough and need a good cleaning but, make a reasonable display item.

Faltesek - US
WWII UNDATED British Mess Tins (2012-09-24)
After cleaning, a very nice early war mess tin

Harbs, - US
Good! (2011-11-15)
Very dirty but very nice! Dated 42. Great deal at a great price. Shipping was VERY fast! Thanks!

Ray - US
Tins (2011-02-15)
Mine were dated 42, very nice!

Pearson - US
Nice tins (2011-02-08)
Got also dated and marked ones. needs a good clean. i allready use one pair of these for eating.

Daniel - DE
Great (2010-09-02)
Mine was dated, and soaked in grease that kept it nice all these years. Great deal.

Jicha - US
Mess Tin (2009-10-21)
got some nice gentle dings n dongs to give it some character. Great turnaround on the order Ive come to appreciate from WPG.

Early WWII UNDATED British Mess Tins (2009-06-02)
Very fast dispatch, received dated and market tins, it's great! Thank you.

Michal - CZ
Mess tins (2009-01-25)
Recived dated when ordered undated, also they were blackend, greasy so needed a wash. cant remove the back marks. A very good original item. Will look good on display.

driver - UK