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really happy (2018-07-28)

McNaughton - UK
us greatcoat (2010-12-05)
Excellent delivery time.
Great quality greatcoat.Looking forward to wearing in our very brief "cold " winter in Aussie! :) Thanks!( Will look great in photos )

Brenton - AU
US Overcoat (2010-11-20)
Great item, Great fit, Tank you very much WPG

Kirchmayr - AT
Worth the money (2010-10-31)
Great reproduction of a hard to find item, at least in a size that can be worn.

Joe - NY, US
US Army WW2 Great Coat (2010-09-29)
I received the US army Great coat today in record breaking time!.
I’m very happy with it.
An excellent reproduction and it fits perfect.
I appreciate this as being a bigger size guy, the chances of getting a real one in my XL size is nil!
Best regards
Paul Kenwery Melbourne Australia
US army 1st Div Re-enactor

Kenwery - AU
US Overcoat (2010-02-13)
Simply the BEST!!! You CAN'T be beat!!! Thanks for being there for us with the best quality gear available.

Benitez-Santana - US
wool overcoat (2010-02-07)
Great item, very well made, very warm. Put it next to an original and it's exactly the same. Great service.

Quartier - BE
that it is (2010-01-28)
thank you for this wpg.
it is your masterpice - i love it

Schatull - DE
Wool Overcoat (2009-11-17)
This is your finest item yet! It is a faithful reproduction, right down to the hidden buttons on the "V" tail. The wool is beautiful. The tailoring is equal to a fine sportcoat.

Speer - US
US Overcoat, Man"s Wool (2009-10-17)
wow! prity good SH*T! ehh.. STUFF!
very good quality i love it.

R. van Holten - NL
Great overcoat (2009-07-18)
This is one heavy piece of clothing. Looks correct and will really look good during winterevents.
Sad to read it won't be made again.

John Epson - SE
US Overcoat, Mens, Wool (2009-01-07)
WOW! Love It! I have looked for one in my size for a LOooooNG time. Get one while you CAN! Thanks MR. J

Eric - PA. USA
US Overcoat, Man"s Wool (2008-11-02)
the "US Overcoat" is arrived! Thank you very much...!


Hufenus - Switzerland
GOOD DEAL AS EVER!!! (2008-10-06)
What Price Glory - World finest resupply on-line store for reenactors. Thank you very much. Hope to deal with you again!!!

nice! (2008-01-29)
This really is a Great Coat! It made the "Bulge" out at the Gap a tad bit warmer! Highly recommend this!

Brent - Kalamazoo, MI
Love it (2007-12-20)
great fit, great color
would have been a five but i had to realign two buttons. no big deal. Worth every penny.

Ed - California USA