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Overcoat (2018-12-27)
Great overcoat, looks identical to my sons original just 5 times bigger and it has brass buttons.
Ordered my size and it fits just right.
Thanks for making the larger sizes.

PB - Uk
Best yet (2018-11-02)
I bought mine last summer. The buttons sucked but after replacing them with original 1940 buttons the coat is dead perfect. Placed side by side with an original 1940 issue coat it cannot be made out as a repro. GREAT WORK JERRY!!

Ray - Kentucky USA
Just shy of perfection, but more than sufficient. (2018-10-23)

I must say that it's a very well made and comfortable repro, but it falls short in only one respect, that being the color of the wool being too light a shade for average issue.

I would point out to anyone who may look on this as a reason to not purchase one, to reconsider, as you probably won't find one in,
"hero" sizes over 44R, the color difference is only marginal and intilectual fortitude doesn't keep you warm.

I consider this a worth while purchase.

Ready - US
Great communication, fast delivery excellent service (2018-09-11)
Item is A1 fit's well and excellent quality, brilliant service will be buying from again Many thanks
Dave... (look forward to wearing it at Arnhem at end of month)

Wheeler - UK
An improvement! (2018-09-10)
I received this awesome great coat with lightning delivery. It's absolutely an improvement from the last ones a couple of years ago. The wool is much stiffer/thicker so the collar stays up much better just like the originals. Buttons, sewing, lining and the heavy wool is just perfect. I will be wearing them here in the real Hurtgenwald this winter! And I'll bet the great coat will stand the wind and cold in the Eifel with ease. Greetings from Limbricht the Netherlands.

van Bronkhorst - NL
No one yet... but... (2018-07-29)
Hi, I have the chance to have a 1954 French overcoat, very similar to this one (I converted it in US by changing buttons). Amazing detail is that sleeves are made with classy "civilian" fabric... Size is slim and I cannot wear M43 under it. Yours is very interesting... soon or far due to my interest for the 1912 model...

Gilles-Charles - France
really happy (2018-07-28)

McNaughton - UK
us greatcoat (2010-12-05)
Excellent delivery time.
Great quality greatcoat.Looking forward to wearing in our very brief "cold " winter in Aussie! :) Thanks!( Will look great in photos )

Brenton - AU
US Overcoat (2010-11-20)
Great item, Great fit, Tank you very much WPG

Kirchmayr - AT
Worth the money (2010-10-31)
Great reproduction of a hard to find item, at least in a size that can be worn.

Joe - NY, US
US Army WW2 Great Coat (2010-09-29)
I received the US army Great coat today in record breaking time!.
I’m very happy with it.
An excellent reproduction and it fits perfect.
I appreciate this as being a bigger size guy, the chances of getting a real one in my XL size is nil!
Best regards
Paul Kenwery Melbourne Australia
US army 1st Div Re-enactor

Kenwery - AU
US Overcoat (2010-02-13)
Simply the BEST!!! You CAN'T be beat!!! Thanks for being there for us with the best quality gear available.

Benitez-Santana - US
wool overcoat (2010-02-07)
Great item, very well made, very warm. Put it next to an original and it's exactly the same. Great service.

Quartier - BE
that it is (2010-01-28)
thank you for this wpg.
it is your masterpice - i love it

Schatull - DE
Wool Overcoat (2009-11-17)
This is your finest item yet! It is a faithful reproduction, right down to the hidden buttons on the "V" tail. The wool is beautiful. The tailoring is equal to a fine sportcoat.

Speer - US
US Overcoat, Man"s Wool (2009-10-17)
wow! prity good SH*T! ehh.. STUFF!
very good quality i love it.

R. van Holten - NL
Great overcoat (2009-07-18)
This is one heavy piece of clothing. Looks correct and will really look good during winterevents.
Sad to read it won't be made again.

John Epson - SE
US Overcoat, Mens, Wool (2009-01-07)
WOW! Love It! I have looked for one in my size for a LOooooNG time. Get one while you CAN! Thanks MR. J

Eric - PA. USA
US Overcoat, Man"s Wool (2008-11-02)
the "US Overcoat" is arrived! Thank you very much...!


Hufenus - Switzerland
GOOD DEAL AS EVER!!! (2008-10-06)
What Price Glory - World finest resupply on-line store for reenactors. Thank you very much. Hope to deal with you again!!!

nice! (2008-01-29)
This really is a Great Coat! It made the "Bulge" out at the Gap a tad bit warmer! Highly recommend this!

Brent - Kalamazoo, MI
Love it (2007-12-20)
great fit, great color
would have been a five but i had to realign two buttons. no big deal. Worth every penny.

Ed - California USA