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Out of this product, replaced with lower price version (2016-04-20)
I ordered this product but received the lower priced version. This product at the time I ordered it was out of stock. Customer service did take good care of me though. Thanks!

Quellhorst - US
nice roppe (2011-06-24)
real improvment, very good customer service, perfect

frederic - FR
US Rope, Parachutist (Improved Version) (2009-12-19)
Fast shipping. Everything perfect.

Carney - US
rope (2009-12-14)
good material

Mattioli - IT
US Rope, Parachutist (Improved Version) (2009-11-08)
I decided to order the improved version of the U.S. Parachutist Rope from WPG. What a difference it is from the one that I bought from WPG in 2007. I don't believe that I've ever seen an original, however, this version certainly has the look and feel of what you would expect from the 1940s.

Groller - US
US Parachutist Rope (Improved Version) (2009-10-24)
100% improved over the old rope. Better material and look. Definitely more accuarate!

Brimecombe - US