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Liked the product (2018-10-16)
I have my great grandfathers complete original ww1 helmet. The reproduction liner is a good match.

Peavey - US
Nice Product (2017-04-02)
This kit was very nice and quite accurate in construction - I used my other helmet with original liner as a guide. The only issue I had was some trouble working the brass rivet - but it worked out in the end. Thanks - looks and functions great!

Moreau - CA
item 65750 liner (2014-10-30)
Item was great very fast service

Troutman - US
helmet liner for Brodie helmet (2014-10-24)
A well made product, satisfactory in every detail and on request I received instructions on how to fit it into the helmet shell. Suggest these instructions be supplied with each liner to remove some of the constructive comments

fawkes - AU
liner helmet (2014-05-20)
since i had an original, i had an idea how to assemble. i also agree that a small plan would have been nice. ther than that, great item to replace and refresh a collectors item

pellerin - CA
Brodie Helmet Liner Repro (2014-05-13)
Perfect fit, all parts to install, very fast delivery.

Morgan - US
Helmet liner (2013-10-10)
great product! Fast shipping!

Windsor - CA
replacement liner for Brodie helmet (2013-08-21)
Item came quickly. I had a problem installing the liner and would have liked an instruction sheet to help the process. Otherwise it is a great item that fit my CEF helmet for a very reasonable price.

Price - CA
Replacement Brodie steel helmet liner (2013-04-17)
Amazingly fast shipping. Liner perfectly fits a genuine WW1 Brodie shell [10th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force]. Lack of instructions has me confused about how to set the copper rivet to secure the liner in the shell.

Otherwise, an excellent value for the money.

Johnson - CA
5 (2013-03-14)
A great repro item for my collection. Well priced. Fast & efficient service. Many thanks.

Wilson - AU
Fitting liners to Brodies.... (2013-03-07)
I have yet to put the two liners in the helmets. I DO have one question:WHAT exactly are the 3 pieces of brass hardware for? They came with each liner. Where and how do you fit them on each helmet?

Westen - US
Liner for WW1 Helmet. (2012-05-14)
Excellent Item. Good price. Fast efficient service.

Hunter - GB
helmet liner (2012-04-24)
Came quickly, seems to be a fine product. Now all I need is a helmet to put it into. :)

Monahan - CA
Helmet Liner (2011-12-09)
Good item at good price.

Ketcherside - US
WW I Brodie Helmet Liner (2011-11-23)
Very Pleased, Excellent Repro Most worthy of The Original US Shell it is going into!

Pickett - US
MR (2011-08-31)
Great product, well pacaged, fast shipping.
Very pleased. Thanks.

A great repro! Thank you! (2011-06-23)
Excellent! Very good quality product!

Fournis - FR
WW1 Brodie steel helmet liner (2011-06-03)
Another great item!

Jones - GB
liner (2010-10-22)
perfectly matches my original

Heft - US
Liner (2010-10-14)
Hmmm, not sure about this one. Leather strapping is a bit kooky. Fit was OK but the shape appeared a bit out at first. Still, when in the helmet it works OK. And yes, it stinks.

Steve - Australia
Repro WW1 helmet liner (2010-09-01)

Taylor - GB
Helmet liner (2010-05-23)
Excellent item!!, but boy, does it pong!! :-)

Jones - GB
brodie helmet liner (2010-05-18)
Great reproduction. It looks like all the detailed photos I have seen of originals and matches descriptions.It smelled like a wet goat when I got it so I washed it in window cleaner with ammonia. Now it smells like a fresh goat. Perfect. Authentic.

Tim - Canada
Mr (2010-05-12)
Very good repro. Fits well.

Limpus - AU