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Super (2019-05-22)
I ve receive my order,no problem !
Many thanks to wpg team

Quick (2016-10-07)
Quick clean up and it will be on display, very good service

Corporal Ward - South Wales, UK
bosun's or rigger's knife (2016-09-26)
The pointy thing is a marlin spike used in splicing lines.

Brad - Idaho USA
British (Belgian) Army Jack Knife (2014-07-19)
I have a great deal of experience working with cosmoline. This material was considerably harder to remove than Soviet cosmoline. I do not know why. Treatments with WD40 and mineral spirits succeeded in removing most of the problem, but dirt buildup around hinges remains and must be scrubbed away. Of the three knives I ordered, two were in rougher condition than expected, the third in satisfactory condition. Some minor pitting of the metal, considerable grunge on the components. Metal appears to be carbon steel on these three knives. Bakelite grips on one set damaged and not cleaning up well, other two are fine. Toolheads are holding an edge and cleaning up well.

For King and Empire - CA
jack knife (2014-07-10)
Great item to have as part of the kit

Fenech - MT
Mr (2014-07-07)
Nice strong item with plenty of character. I keep one these knives with me when riding our horses in the bush. The spike is ideal for digging stones out of hooves as well as the usual purposes of a knife.

Freeman - AU
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2013-11-11)
I dont have a word...great! thank you!

Shestopalov - RU
Jack Knife (2013-09-27)
The real deal, they do need a good clean and are great for displays.

Faltesek - US
A tad rough, but scrubs up a treat! (2013-08-27)
Knife came well greased, minor rust spots, but all easily cleaned and now looking tip-top. Excellent service from WPG, as always.

Monk - GB
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2013-01-15)
Perfect knife with sharp edge, just clean it a bit - and that's it, suitable and good every time you have to make a bonfire or open a tin with a field lunch.

Michael - RU
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2013-01-15)
Perfect knife with

Michael - RU
ted (2012-11-09)
nice knife Excellent. Good price

koks - NL
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2012-06-19)
Very nice item, similar to original

casariego - ES
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2012-06-18)
Very nice item, similar to original. Minor corrosion, easily cleaned, and made serviceable.

Horse Soldier - US
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2012-02-28)
My knife is great. It was dirty and covered in cosmolene but cleaned up well.

Irving - US
Jack Knife (2012-01-24)
Really cool knife, and authentic too. Well made.

Armbruster - US
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2012-01-16)
This type of knife is rare and expensive in Australia. A good purchase

Borg - AU
Mr (2011-12-13)
Nice item to start the collection!

Malcolm - AU
UK British Army Style Jack Knife (2011-11-10)
My jack knife cleaned up easily, and is taking on a decent edge. The bakelite grips are in good condition. i \; very happy with my knife.

Page - US
Looks good! (2011-10-19)
Looks fine from what I can see. Cosmoline or light rust in spots but should clean up fine. Don't see a date on mine, but that's OK. Nice knife!

Ray - US
jack knife (2011-07-08)
Wow pritty cool and in great shape considering from the 50s

Taylor - CA
UK Knife (2011-06-25)
The knife looks perfect. Good condition.

Bengtsson - SE
Great knife! (2011-05-04)
Once again what a deal! The knife is dated as 1951, and apart from the odd spot of light rust is perfect. 5 mins of light sanding/wire wooling and the knife is as good as new! Thanks again for the great service!

MacAngus - GB
Great Accessory (2011-03-18)
After cleaning the knife up and sharpening it, it turned out to be a great piece of kit. It sharpened so well, that when I accidentally cut myself, I almost needed stitches. A butterfly bandaid sealed the wound. I use it constantly when I am reenacting. This item is one of those small accessories that really enhances the impression and comes it handy out in the field. Thank You.

Ray - California, USA
Good (2011-02-25)
I've read previous reviews. May be I'm lucky, but my knife looks great. Yes, it's not clean, not perfect but it was made in 1950! So thanks for good item!

Denis - RU
customer service A+ (2011-02-24)
First one I recieved the blade was broken off. I called Jerry and he sent other soon after A++

Kane - US
Knife (2011-02-03)
Cleans up nicely

Pace - US
excellent! (2010-12-16)
Ordering was very easy, delivery was quick, product in good condition and as described. So happy that I ordered a second one!

Tankel - US