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Very Nice (2018-10-04)
Nice swagger stick, well stained and varnished. Nice and smooth, good value.

graves - US
UK Officer"s Wooden Swagger Stick (2016-03-05)
Very good and nice works,perfect

boido - IT
Swagger stick (2015-05-04)
Good quality and right size for my short arms also fast delivery

Crichton - GB
SWAGGER STICK (2014-01-28)
The perfect finishing touch to an officer's kit. Brilliant!

Germann - US
Wooden swagger stick (2013-07-06)
The swagger stick looks great , I've already had several positive comments about it. As usual the shipping was fast.

Koontz - US
Great for multiple impressions (2013-07-01)
Nice plain style swagger stick. Great for pointing out which fuzzy-wuzzies to machine gun (cannot let the OR''s think for themselves!). Comes in handy for thrashing insolent Wrens. Must''nt face machine guns without it!!!

Jedediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois
UK Officer"s Wooden Swagger Stick (2012-06-27)
Very fast delivery. Love its feel and the way it's been cut and lacquered. I think it wiil be fun to take walks with.

Dervan - US
UK Officer"s Wooden Swagger Stick (2012-06-19)
Very good and nice works, cheers

casariego - ES
stick comment (2011-04-23)
OMG I just had a stick send across the ocean by plane... like there are no trees in europe and I always complian about the kids bringen home debris from the forrest. :)

Stick looks nice and it works, really completes my uniform.

Willems - NL
Nice item (2011-03-27)
Overall this is a nice item considering it is a stick of wood!

Scherrer - US
Good (2011-02-03)
I just got one and i like it very much. It looks nice with my kit. Thanks Jerry.

I think you all that has a NCO or Officer kit must have one. Cheers.

Danny - Ca USA