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Fast Delivery, good product (2018-01-17)
This belt fits well and is well made. I'll use it for a match this June. I have the suspenders and the haversack to use with it. This is a great setup.

Schroeder - US
Great Belt (2017-06-22)
This is a great reproduction of a rare belt. Next to an original it has slight differences, but still looks amazing.

Moore - US
Museum quality at reasonable price (2016-09-20)
I own two original 1903 style cartridge belts. Putting this one side by side there is little difference in construction or quality.

Another stellar product by WPG, great for the inter-war period from the Phillipines to WWI.

Nate - Missouri
Mr. (2013-09-30)
Just as advertised. Fast Shipping. Excellent reproduction.

Gillespie - US
M1903 Mounted Mills Cartridge Belt (2013-08-29)
This is the basis for my Phillipine Insurrection impression. A really well made item. I am very impressed with the ink stampings and stamped metal snaps. They look like real bronze to me! Excellent quality, workmanship, and attention to detail.

Speer - US
Great item for WBAS (2012-08-24)
This mills cartridge belt is really a ringer for the ones in pictures from the punitive expedition! Good quality though remedial efforts with a needle and thread may be required over time to secure pocket flaps. Great function and look for my WBAS impression!

Thanks Jerry!

Leigh - CA bay area
1903 Mills Cartridge Belt (2012-08-07)
This belt is excellent. The fabric and color is just perfect. The eagle snaps look great and do snap securely. The saber chape really just pushes it over the top. Thanks Jerry!

Jordan - US