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Great trousers (2020-05-11)
I love the weight and feel of this pants. They wear great and the fabric is tough. I reside in Canada so looking forward to cooler months and these will be Brilliant. I liked them so much I bought a second pair of lighter material. When the Pants arrived they fit perfect. I’m 6’2” and 223lbs and usually wear a 36 so I ordered a 38 and they fit perfect and the length is dead on. Do yourself a favour if your thinking about buying a pair just do it.

Elwood - CA
Outstanding (2020-05-02)
Absolutely bloody brilliant is the only way to describe these trousers. Received them today and they are perfect. The fit is bang on I’m a 36 to 38 waist and ordered 38” I’m 6’2” and the length is perfect. They feel and look fantastic. Even my wife liked them and she is always sceptical of my wardrobe choice. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks everyone at What Price Glory. I’m definitely buying more and wouldn’t mind a closet full of these. Seriously these are worth it!!! Great for any day wearing.

Mark - Alberta, Canada
Best and most authentic Indian Jones Pants at any price! (2019-01-08)
These are simply amazing. Heavily made and high quality. As far as sizzling, my typical American measurement waist size is 34. I ordere a 36 and they fit perfectly...true size v. the typical blue jeans or khakis size. The hem is finished. I am tall at 6’2” and the hem and inseam was perfect for me. You can’t go wrong with these!

Kevin - Colorado, USA
Nice quality (2018-10-30)
Pants are very nice quality. Washed well, no issues. Corect sizing.

Warner - US
Awesome (2018-09-21)
These are not costume pants. These are real pants that you could go explore the world in or wear to the office. Great quality.

Reyher - US
Sorta good on shipping (2018-06-24)
Addendum on mine above;
I'm 6'2, 190 pounds. Measuring a 40 inches at navel, ordered a 40 according to suggestions. Arrived and 2 inches to big. Had tailor fix them. Damn nice quality. Very heavy duty. I might suggest an extra bit of cuff for taller folks if the 32 inseam isn't enough and we need to let it out aTad.
Over all great.

Tucker - US
Indy pants (2018-06-16)
Well, very impressive, quality is there in the material.
Was stated, " order your exact waist size" I did but still about 2 inches too big in the pants. That and they are built for guys that are much thicker.
I'm 6'2 and 190, the construction is excellent, the material is heavy duty and very durable. Great Quality!
Got the shirt too, perfect!!!
Shipping was sorta slow, not WPG fault , just a hang up at the hub in Ohio. Highly recommend to anyone in the hunt for Indy gear.
Nice job Jerry!

Don - Tennessee
Great ! (2017-10-05)
Love the pants , showed up right away , fit great , screen accurate color , gotta give a shout out to Jerry and the boys. Thanks again

Conrad - US
Amazing Pants and Service! (2017-08-26)
These pants are absolutely incredible. I had some reservations about them based on the reviews on their weight and being scratchy. However, these pants have great color accuracy and they are super high quality. The thick wool is great and not very scratchy at all. They pass perfectly as dress pants and would be extra benefitical as professional dress pants on any day, but especially a wet or snowy day when normal lighter wool dress pants may get saturate or damaged. Water beads right off of these. These look great with any dress/polo shirt. They are also of such durable weight and construction that they would hold up really well in the field. I'm haven't worn them in the field, but as former military I can tell their quality and durability. They fit true to size. I am usually a 36 inch waist on pants and that is what I ordered and they fit perfect. I will need to have the cuffs taken up some for the right length, which is expected. Customer service was exceptional also. These shipped from their UAE warehouse for some reason, maybe the USA warehouse was out of stock. WPG upgraded my shipping automatically and I received them on Wednesday after ordering them on Saturday. I HIGHLY recommend these pants for the Indy fan or anyone wanting a SOLID and sharp looking pair of trousers that will look great at the office, but durable to survive repeated journeys through the jungle. For non-field use, I can't imagine these needing to be replaced in less than 20 years!

Rice - US
True to size! (2016-10-25)
These are fairly screen accurate, heavy wool, good color, true to size (when in doubt, go up a size), hem is indeed 1", need a professional tailor to adjust that part, otherwise quality pant!

Matthijssen - US
Perfect (2016-10-16)
True to size. Get them hemmed by a professional tailor. If you want the Indy look as for a military hem 1" higher in the front than the back. Excellent quality pleated trousers and screen accurate color. Best i have found. Always hang from hem on a clip hanger for trousers and dryclean only. WPG SERVICE AND SHIPPING....EXCELLENT!

Warren - CA
Good in cold countrys... (2016-02-12)
Will be wearing these in the colder months, good wool quality.

V - SE
Tim: well, you can h (2015-11-30)
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Bob - QSUuyjcSf
Indiana Jones Pants (2015-10-22)
These pants probably weigh 2 pounds being 100% wool. You could be dragged from a truck and be fine, that's how heavy duty they are. Of course super hot and very itchy but you just have to assume that with wool. True to your waist size, so make sure and order up if you're unsure. Great quality pants and shipping was lightning fast!

Delaney - US
good (2015-09-08)
It seems a little heavy,
But,It's a indiana jones pants. I love it.

watanabe - JP
The 'Indiana Jones' type trousers are of a high quality. I ordered a size 40, but was too big for me, I ask for exchange it for an smaller size, and I hadn't problems. Thank you very much.

Indiana Jones Pants (2015-04-28)
The 'Indiana Jones' type trousers are of a high quality. The size orderred, waist and length, is what was delivered; in but a few day's time, I should add. The wool is of military grade winter weight, much like the US Army 'pinks.' This makes for a durable set of trousers - a set to last a long time through much duress.

Two likable details: the fly is of the button type and the pockets are fashioned in cotton. The only negative aspect in manufacture is the synthetic material used for the waist-band lining; cotton, like the pockets, would have been a happier choice.

In general, great trousers for bashing about in.

Frank - US
Amazing Quality! (2015-04-23)
These pants are the absolute best bang for your buck. I ordered a size 32 since I am a 32x32 and they fit PERFECTLY. They are heavy and thick since they are made of 100% wool. My only gripe isn't with the pants themselves, but the mis-leading images on the site. The pants in the picture are not what you get. They are better, more screen accurate. Meaning there are 7 belt loops and the rear pockets are scalloped. Also the color is completely screen accurate. In some lighting, they take a more pinkish hue. While in others it's more of a brown and grey look just like the films. All in all, these pants are wonderful for Indy cosplayers and hold up to the much more expensive options out there.

Kinard - US
EXCELLENT PANTS (2015-04-21)
First things first, the pants in the picture are NOT what you get. You actually get BETTER, more screen accurate pants. The color, fabric and styling is completely movie accurate. You get the scalloped rear pockets and 7 belt loops. Please updateyour picture WPG! These are the perfect Indy pants for the price.

Dallas - PA/USA
Indiana Jones Pants (2014-08-16)
Pants are very durable. I followed the guidelines for measuring my waist but the pant ended up being too big. If I can't exchange them then I'll have them altered. Still pleased with the overall purchase. Pants are very durable and look great

Glass - US
pants indiana jones (2014-07-15)
very good beautiful color the sender it's very very fast.
thank you to all friends.

lessard - CA
Indiana Jones pants (2014-06-22)
Pants were a lot "heavier" than other pants I have bought --expect that translates into more durable. Waist was dead on. The only issue is that there was vast amounts of leg room (had them tailored-not an option-and they fit fine now). Overall, very pleased with the purchase.

Maldonado - US