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Greatest (2021-01-12)
As good as it can get.

Faltesek - US
Excellent (2021-01-06)
I am very happy

Smith - US
Really impressed (2020-06-29)

Oram  - CA
Scary good repro (2019-10-15)
Excellent repro, almost too good. Fits shovel and helve perfectly. Well done

Cameron - CA
Fast Delivery (2018-11-17)
Well made, havent put an E tool in it yet and thats the real measure, but so far so good.

graves - US
Very timely delivery (2017-09-04)
A good quality item which met my expectations adequately. I am pleased with items purchased from W.P.G., and will no doubt continue my business association with this company in the future.
Kind regards,

Stanford - AU
Great (2017-07-13)
Works and looks great. Good delivery time.

Faltesek - US
Great quality, good looking and fast Shipping! (2016-06-21)
Fast delivery, only 4 days and an excellent quality webbing kit!

No doubt, I will recommend it to anyone needing one here in Chile

Javier Tapia - Santiago, Chile
Fast ship (2016-01-12)
Awesome repro looks like my original. Found an e tool years ago at the show but couldn't find a carrier. I now have an accurate copy to really use instead of a museum piece.

Julienne - US
UK P37 (2015-10-18)
A nicely made item.
Fits original entrenching tool perfectly.

Hopkins - US
UK P-37 Entrenching Tool Carrier (2015-07-20)
Happy with item. Fast delivery.

Tasca - CA