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Whip cord pants (2020-04-19)
Outstanding fit. Appears to fit well and will wear well. Well made and joined with the leather quite well.

Fullam - US
Super (2020-03-16)
Great fit. Material feels great

Fullam - US
Officers whipcord breeches (2019-01-30)
This is my second pair, the first one is not pretty worn through after two years of good use. This seems to be an improved run in many regards. Picking a size up from my normal size gives me a better fit higher on the waist. The buttons are sewn on much more firmly and the knee leathers are of vastly superior quality. While the fabric also seems sturdier and much more like real whipcord than in my first pair, it still starts to "bobble" after wearing the breeches twice, which is a bit of a pity. Shipping and customer service top-notch as always!

Phillip - UK
Breeches (2016-08-28)
Perfect Fit! Comfortable, I like the material and its appears very durable and comfortable. Enough room for comfort in movement. A good choice. I hope the Tunic fits as well. Well done again Gentlemen!

John - San Antonio
Officers whipcord breeches (2016-04-12)
Excellent, medium-weight fabric, buttons and main body stitching. The lower leg closures are constructed well.

My main concern is with the cut. As instructed I measured at navel height which gave me about 37 inches and a half, so I ordered a 38. When worn high on the waist (as I think was the idea), there is not enought length between the waistband and the point where one's legs meet "silently in the dark" (as my tailor calls it). So one has to wear the breeches on the hips to avoid painful pinching where one does not want to be pinched...
There is also very little room around the knees, which makes the breeches look very smart when standing at attention, but causes notable discomfort when bending the knees slightly -a movement needed for walking, riding and other exigiencies of the service. But I'll give them a try!
One further modest proposal: Given the longer time shipment from the US to Europe takes, would it be possible to identify items shipped from the US in the online catalogue? This would help time one's orders better.

Phillip - UK