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Fast delivery (2020-04-04)
Fit is good over my big wast. Appears to be well made.

Walker - US
Fast Delivery (2019-11-25)
I am totally satisfied with all your products Jerry Lee..

Grazioso - US
Happy Customer (2019-05-21)
Good price, good quality, and timely shipping.

Richardson - US
Fast delivery (2019-05-15)
This cartridge belt is the best reproduction I have seen. Excellent!

Wilson - US
Excellent (2019-01-14)
As always great deals fast service. Will use you for everything I need and will recommend you to others !

thomas - US
Downright flawless! (2018-10-11)
I just ordered a bunch of WW1 gear, and this was obviously one of the things I ordered and its amazing. Incredibly rugged, very high quality and spot on to the originals. It matches perfectly with the M1910 haversack, and isnt the dreaded "banana yellow" color. What you see in the pic is what you get, and for the price you cannot beat it. Dont hesitate to buy this, WPG knows what theyre doing, so give in, you wont regret it!

Matthew - Iowa - US
Great Reproduction! (2018-04-28)
I own originals, and this is probably as close as you can get to one. While pricier than other reproductions, this belt is of much better quality, and should last my lifetime! Thanks, WPG!

Buckles - US