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very fast delivery! (2021-05-03)
the dimensions and quality of manufactory is on the level what I expected

Drablek - CZ
FAST shipping! (2021-02-17)
Excellent quality and accessory item. WPG always putting out fantastic items at fair prices.

Bradley - US
Excellent service as always (2021-02-08)
A superb fly whisk - can't wait for the Summer!

powell - UK
Feedback (2020-12-20)
Excellent product, good service, I would recommend this company to everyone.

Fly whisk (2017-02-10)
Another superb product , it is well made and stylish

Stephey - US
Works great (2016-10-11)
Looks good,Works great. Spent a lovely Indian Summer's day sitting in my garden. No flies on me now.

Ritchie - CA
Fast delivery (2016-08-09)
Excellent! Will have to keep stealing it back from the wife!

Murfin - DE
Mark (2015-01-20)
Goes great with the pith helmet - just what's needed for Gallipoli

Godwin - NZ
mr (2014-07-31)
great bit of kit at a very reasonably price, smaller then expected but does the job and looks great as a prop.

hynam - GB
Fly Wisk (2014-06-19)
Very well made, fast shipping. always the best with Jerry Lee

Pool - US
Good Stuff (2014-01-29)
Measures just under 2 feet. Smelt a little funny and the hair was rather waxy. I washed it and it came up fine. The hairs will fall out from time to time. No big deal. The leather looks a little plastic like but is durable. Works a treat! I think the hair is artificial which is no biggie either. Will use when I ride even when not in uniform.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
The Sudan beckons! (2013-11-10)
Great product, great price and fabulous service, I would recommend this company to everyone.

Perry - GB
UK Fly whisk (2013-11-04)
arrived very quickly, super quality, but have to keep it away from my dog, she loves it.... Many thanks.

Bracewell - GB
Fly whisk (2013-09-14)
Very handy at the stables with our Cavalry School. Nice addition to the uniform!

Luscombe - CA
UK Fly Whisk (2012-08-22)
Neat Little Item and a Must for around your "jungle" camp!

Tom - US
Do you want me to send one back? (2012-08-08)
You sent me two. I got the first last week from somwhere in the US, I have tossed out that shipping info. I received a second on Monday, 8/6/12 from your wharehouse in Dubai I think it is. I only ordered one. The first one I could not put my hand through the wrist band, the second was much larger. Do you want me to send one back?

Moore - US
UK Fly Whisk (2012-06-18)
Very similar to my original. Leather wrist thong is a bit weak, and should be reinforced, but otherwise very serviceable.

Horse Soldier - US
UK Fly Whisk (2011-09-14)
Faster shipping from Dubai than from Toronto! Thank You!
A beautiful piece.

Harbinson - CA
great (2011-06-24)
very useful item

frederic - FR
excellent (2011-05-12)
No flys on What Price Glory as usual and I guess this is why :)

Great item, I look forward to beating back waves of German-backed flies with it this season.

Kelly - GB
fly whisk (2011-02-06)
nice little iten, I feel like Monty using it !

Wassenaar - NL
Fly Whisks x 2 (2010-12-25)
Been searching for these for a long time! Finally found a source. Whisks are 'high quality" and couldn't be duplicated for the cost! Highly recommend the product. D. Tipping

tipping - US
UK Fly Whisk (2010-12-24)
100% satisfeid, flys beware, there's a new kid in town.

Riedel - NL
A Brisk Fly Whisk, a Very Brisk Whisk, Indeed. (2010-12-15)
Not one of your Cairo or Luxor fly whisks, of course, but really quite as nice a whisk as I've had occasion to purchase recently, indeed, I would venture to say one of the great fly whisks of 2010. It does, however, excite some minor carping at levees and formal dinners due to its color (khaki, you know). Would you have something simple and understated in black leather and a white tail at all? Please advise.

Anderson, S. P. - US
Turbo Speed (2010-06-29)
A very nice item. My son works at riding stables and I thought it would be a nice thing for him to have to shoo away the many flies. Shipping was super fast. Ordered and arrived from half way around the globe only days later.
Many Thanks JT

Tillson - US
British fly Wisks (2010-04-02)
I received the wisks on Tuesday, which being my day off made both my and my wife's day. They were smaller than I expected, but I like them all the same. Keep up the good work!!!

Ballard - US
fly whisk (2010-03-10)
Thank you very much. Very well made, very fast delivery, will be using WPG again

Andrews - GB
Mr (2009-12-23)
A great item and super fast delivery time.

Bruce - AU
Stylish piece of kit... (2009-11-23)
You can really cut a fine figure with the whisk, casually flipping from shoulder to shoulder, pausing briefly to ponder a thought, using it to point imperiously at things..great fun!

In terms of construction, really well made from all natural materials. A lovely woven leather handle completes the picture. Only downside to this piece is the leather appears to have coated with a glossy paint-like finish which detracts slightly from the over all look. I suspect this will come off with some warm water, soap and a bit of sponging...

Griffiths - AU
fly whisk (2009-11-16)
very nice indeed and delivery was damn fast,very professional service

carter - IE
Whisk (2009-11-11)
New whisk owners very happy, flys preturbed!

Urquhart - AU
UK Fly Whisk (2009-11-02)
First rate!

Hampton - US
shoo fly (2009-09-19)
Very cool little item. Should work a treat during the Aussie summers!

Just give it a quick wipe over with a little bit of acetone on cotton wool to take off the leather paint shine.

There''ll be no flies on my back this summer!

10 out of 10, WPG.

Steve - Victoria, Australia
Fly Wisk (2009-09-15)
Item arrived to-day, very quick delivery. A very nice accompaniment to any desert attire.
Should have some good fun with my wisk.My partner is getting very excited as she says it tickles her fancy

graham - grahamfordham
. (2009-09-10)
All O.K.

Baeza - ES
thanks (2009-09-10)
Arrived safely and within days of order being confirmed. Excellent service as always


Eric Grimaud - Morancez, france
Fly whisk & Ghurka shorts (2009-09-06)
Arrived safely and within days of order being confirmed. Excellent service as always.

Finlay, R G - AU
SGT (2009-08-21)
nice looking piece.

Lindey - US
fly whisk (2009-08-05)
Superb item and service as always, thank you.

Wheatley - GB
Comment (2009-08-01)
Great piece of kit.It's for my boss,when he goes out to car shows in his Jag,he dresses in British Army of India,with swagger stick,Ithought the whisk would be a better accoutrement.

Sutherland - CANADA
fly whisk (2009-06-16)
This is my second fly whisk.......the misses took my first to use! Outstanding bit of foppish kit.

Donovan - US
Fly Whisk (2009-06-13)
Just the job for those pesky flies out here in the desert, as though Rommel is not enough to deal with!

Taylor - GB
Fly whisk (2009-06-08)
Excellent service / delivery. Great value for money product. It does seem a bit plasticky on arrival but a bit of artifical "ageing" soon gives it a more authentic appearance.

Windy - GB
Pukka item (2009-05-15)
A superb item that finishes my Boer war Officers kit perfectly, many thanks to WPG for the excellent quality and range of products, cheers Ian

Ian - west midlands
ok quality (2009-05-08)
these look a bit cheap on arrival and look plasticy close up but for the money it is a good buy but watch the horse tail bit it actually will moult if waved around with any vigour.

nick - u.k
Fly whisk (2009-04-16)
Well made and great attention to detail (as all WPG kit) Waxy finish is ideal and is authentic. Great shipping speed and excellent service - thank you.

Webb - GB
Endorsement for Horsehair Fly Whisk (2009-04-04)
A well-made and handy product with authentic historic character, and at a reasonable price. It's true the horse hairs are waxy and tend to stick together. I'm not sure if there's a practical purpose to that or not? If so, might be well to mention in the product description.

Tarr - US
Flies (2009-02-16)
Great item, unfortunatly we don't have many flies in Las Vegas to whisk away.

Morrissey - US
nice gadget (2008-11-28)
Excellent and fast service

Ernecker - AUSTRIA
Fly whisk (2008-11-02)
Excellent service.

Moon - SPAIN
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