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Perfect (2021-04-19)
Thank you very much for the awesome products !

France - US
Size I needed (2020-11-05)
I have been using size 4 gaiters for quite a while and have struggled to get them on because of the excess bulk in my P-37 wool trousers. These size 5 ones will make things so much easier. Exceptional product quality, customer service, and speedy delivery as always.

Cooper - US
fast delivery (2020-07-13)
Thank you everything is great. 10 out of 10..

Taylor - CA
Happy (2020-07-12)
Happy with the purchase. Will continue to buy from this company.

Kenyon - US
good item. (2020-02-28)
This is what I wanted.

lee - KR
Great anklets (2019-10-10)
Nice firm anklets. Colour is a bit off, but then you need to blanco these anyway!!

Tess - NL
Excellent product, fantastic service with great EMS int'l shipping. (2019-03-05)
Have not had a chance to wear them during an airborne event, but quality is well made and buckles are very secure. Seem very durable.

Raisin - US
Excellent (2018-09-08)
Dear Jerry: Yes I received all producs... thanks very much

High Quality (2018-07-29)
I ordered these two weeks before an event in which I needed them and they arrived just before I needed to leave. The support and shipping centers were wonderful to work with me and get them to arrive in time. The overall quality and comfort of these gators is high and I don't plan on needing to purchase another pair anytime soon but I would purchase these again.

Oliver - US
Came in today as promised (2018-07-16)
Very well made. Thanks again to WPg

Kohler - US
Amazing (2017-11-08)
Unreal fast service. Ordered Monday, received Friday from halfway across the globe. Thank you!

Mark - CA
Prompt and good quality (2017-10-16)
The WPG anklets are well made. The sizing is a tad small. The No. 4 size was the same as my original No. 3 size. The color is more brown tan than the classic light khaki color of the P37 webbing. If you use blanco than absolutely no issues.

The usual stellar WPG service and rapid shipping.

Lin - US
WPG Thanks! (2017-09-23)
Great product, price, service bar none! I wonder, do you own DHL, super fast, excellent communication!
Thanks, it's always a pleasure ordering from WPG keep up the excellent work!

Oram - CA
Looks oriiginal. (2017-06-13)
Had to "tweak" adjusters to hold.

Steel - US
Excellent product (2016-11-01)
Great item, like original made, excellent!!!

Airbornecollector72 - NL
Good product (2016-10-30)
NIce product. A little on the small side. They arrived just in time for me to take them into the filed for the weekend. Put them through their paces during a rough weekend afield. Straps slipped out a couple times, but otherwise they did their job

Farnan - US
Great gaiters (2016-08-08)
Excellent item shipped very quickly. I will continue to use WPG for all my repro item needs.

Winholtz - US
Super (2016-07-10)
As usual, super material, quickly arrived !

Duruz - CH
Outstanding! (2016-06-19)
Blindingly fast delivery and high quality merchandise! Looking forward to more WPG purchases in the future!

Farragher - US
Mr. (2015-07-20)
Fast shipping excellent product

Edmonson - US
UK P-37 anklets or gaiters (2015-01-16)
Very good quality. The color is a little too sandy, but after blanco they look great! Very good value.

Carpenter - US
Anklets (2014-07-31)
Nice reproduction, had a small size.
No idea if there is any bigger size than a 4?

Bekink - NL
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2014-07-02)
Perfect hihgt cuality

casariego - ES
UK P-37 Gaitors (2014-06-24)
I am impressed with all the items I bought from WPG. Very reasonable prices and incredibly fast shipping via DHL. Thanks. All the WWI Scottish items I bought make for a superb bag-piping uniform.

Fairless - US
Good Product (2014-06-09)
Very clean, color and size well done.

Herkenrath - FR
exelent (2014-05-31)
the UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets
are on exelent condition !! great repro too!!!! in a great price!!!! thanx!!

Nasioulas - GR
UK-P37 Gaiters (2014-05-10)
Fantastic! Great service, quality item, great value. Keep up the good work.

Duncan - US
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2014-05-03)
Superb item for a superb price.

massaro - IT
Anklets (2014-02-19)
very close to the originals and very fast delivery!

Bolin - US
Excellent (2013-07-09)
Great set Anklets, like originals!!!! Very happy! And as always very fast handling and shipping.

Airbornecollector - NL
Gaiters (2013-05-28)
Very pleased with the quality. Thanks so much.

Gavel - CA
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2013-05-06)
Belle copie, merci

Comment (2013-04-10)
A very good reproduction. They match the rest of my original web gear perfectly.

Crouch - US
Splendid (2013-03-25)
These would have could have been made in the 1940s and I couldn't have told the difference! These are even better than I thought.

Konrad Sladeczek - US
ted (2012-11-09)
Excellent. Good

koks - NL
British anklets (2012-03-10)
Good quality and spot on!

Jones - US
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2012-09-21)
Very good reproduction and price

Lukas D. - CZ
British webbing anklets size 3 (2012-09-17)
Excellent quality just the thing I needed - many thanks

Jelley - GB
Gaiters (2012-08-30)
Very nic

Brackett - US
Very good (2012-08-21)
Great article ! now, it my British uniform complete, and for a very good price ! as usual, fast shipping. WPG ? they are the best !

Duruz - CH
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2012-07-05)
These are without a doubt the best repro gaiters anywhere!

Henley - AU
Gaitars (2012-06-18)
Great value. Good fit Amazing service!

gaiters (2012-04-30)
i have a size 11 foot, and am about average in overall girth. size 4 (the larger size) fits well- am glad i didn't go any smaller. color is excellent, weave very passable, hardware almost seems to be original old stock. small price to pay for such fast service and quality

erik s - US
Just like the originals, very good (2012-04-12)
Just like the originals, very good

Werner - BR
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2012-04-08)
Very nice item, very good quality!

Popryadukhin - RU
Graham (2012-03-04)
The gaiters are just perfect in so many respects and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a pair. However, one comment, I would say that the size 3's are good for a medium sized person. The size 4's weren't in stock so, for $10, I had a shoesmith unstititch the straps and relocate. Worked great.

Good value and good service from WPG. Thank you.

Nielsen - CA
British Gaiters and Desert Rat shirt (2012-03-03)
The gaiters (size 3) which were the only available are good for a medium sized man, perhaps. I had to cut off and move the straps (done at a shoe store) but they are still awesome. For large men or those with 'developed' ankle you'll want a 4 or else do what I did.

The desert rat shirt is totally cool and fits to a T. Good work WPG.

Nielsen - CA
gaiters (2012-02-01)
excellent item , fast delivery, i would not hesitate to reccomend the seller or this item it was spot on.

alexander - CA
Gaiters (2012-01-15)
WPG is my best friend when looking for these, price is excellent and the shipping is fast.

Gavel - CA
Mr. (2011-11-28)
Very nice, just like the originals

Still - US
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