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Super (2021-06-26)
Very nice, hard to tell this uniform from original or movie costuming so I actually feel transported to 1942! Shoes fit well. I received a second “jeep cap” in lieu of an officers garrison cap, though!

Plevich - US
US Basic Infantry Package (2014-02-23)
I did like package and the boots too. thank you

armstrong - US
US Basic Infantry Package (2013-04-28)
I wore it yesterday to my 1st WW2 reenactment. Everything looked authentic and fit well.

Turn - US
US Basic Infantry Package (2009-10-15)
Very pleased with purchase, Uniform well fitted, color nice shade.

Us Infantry Package (2009-04-23)
The outfit looks and fits good. BUT
Where are the Boots??

Causley - US