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WPG Poncho, Highly Recommended (2016-01-04)
I received my poncho, barely six days after having ordered it. It is of the highest quality, to which I have come to expect (to no disappointment) from WPG.

It was either this or a WWII raincoat from WWII Impressions. In both quality and price, I am pleased that I chose to buy again from WPG. I look forward to my next purchase sometime soon.

Corley - US
As expected from WPG (2015-12-31)
Not only did the item ship quickly, but the quality and durability were immediately obvious. Great reproduction for any reenactor doing WWII GI.

Nathaniel - U.S.
US Early WWII US Army Rubberized Poncho (2015-11-30)
Superb quality, as always.Great copy. Recommended.
I'm waiting for the US M1938 Dismounted Raincoat .

Sebastian Benitez - ES
Very very good (2015-11-11)
Looks to be sturdy and well made. Can't wait to wear it in the rain.

Peterson - US
Mr. (2015-10-29)
We ordered the WWII US Army Poncho based on all the great reviews we read about the product. We were not disappointed. Thank you.


Ford - US
very good and useful (2015-10-19)
This is a very pliable and strong item. It does not perfectly copy the usual colors found on originals, but it is totally functional and will serve its purpose very well.

Boccia - IT
Great Poncho (2015-05-30)
An excellent reproduction of an original army poncho, really well made,looks great and fast shipping of course.

Brian - US
poncho (2015-03-29)
great poncho looking forward to using it

McMurtrie - AU
Poncho (2015-01-02)
Absolutely perfect in every detail

DiMaio - US
Rubberized poncho (2014-03-31)
What can I say? Bring on the wartime downpours, fine and well-made product. Please replace raincoat you sold me - the one made of thick "roofing felt" - with one made of this pliable material.

Andersen - GB
WW2 Poncho (2014-03-28)
Superb quality!! Very pleased with the attention to detail and craftsmanship of this product!1 thanks WPG!

DiMaio - US
Shipping (2013-10-28)
If I had known the items were coming other than mail I would have given you a Physical Address for shipping instead of my US Post Office address-They arrived today Thank you

Leach - US
Kantner,S USA (2013-07-16)
Very well made Poncho I recommend

Kantner - US
rubberized poncho (2012-08-02)
Arrived quickly and I am very pleased with the quality, it even has excess glue on it just like originals did. Should be a very functional piece of gear.

mackintosh - US
Kept me dry (2012-07-16)
I bought mine mainly for a groundcloth in my tent, although I will obviously use it for its intended purpose as well. This last weekend it kept me and the gear on it dry despite being rained on through an open tent flap

Tyson - US
GREAT PIECE OF GEAR (2012-01-06)
When I buy my reeacting equipment , it has to be funtional and not just for show. When the poncho arrived, I was impressed. This is a great piece of equipment. It is very well made and well serve anyone many years. This thing is tough. Great job WPG. Plan on ordering another one from you.

Greenwood - US
Fantastic (2012-01-06)
Excellent in every respect! Amazed how fast and efficient the delivery was to Ft Worth! No more wet events for me.

Toney - US
Early WWII US rubberized poncho (2011-10-20)
Another item to round out my Infantry Impression. You only need to get (needlessly) soaked once, and you realize that this really nicely done reproduction not only works but is period-correct.

Miller - US
US GI Poncho (2011-10-18)
Outstanding poncho and shipping that is unbelievably fast. Highly recommended as usual!

Andy - US
Mr (2011-04-28)
These are swell items would reccomend them, not used in field yet but are Ok weight material etc, faithful to originals. best thing in my order

Brown - GB
Excellent repro, it looks really close to originals. Well worth the money, I absolutely recommend this item!

Luca - IT
Reproduction Poncho (2011-02-25)
I saw a poncho a friend of mine bought from WPG and madeup my mind that I needed one also. I was impressed with the quality and workmanship. I am glad that I made the decision to purchase a poncho also.

Sauter - US
US Early WWII US Army Rubberized Poncho (2011-02-18)
Hi Jerry,
The poncho(rubberized)arrived very quick and packaged well. The poncho was as described. I bought this item to wear on a regular basis to keep me and my stuff dry. So that's all i have to do now is find a suitable hood!
Thank you.

Williams - GB
NY (2010-12-26)
The Poncho is well made and looks close to the original one.

Wayne - US
Mr. (2010-11-16)
Goods as advertised. Will do businees again.

Armstrong - GB
Early Poncho (2010-11-16)
Very good repro. Heavy and practical item with the best quality.

Vilanova - ES
Early Poncho (2010-11-07)
Fantastic repro. Fast shipping, and a great product.

Jonathan - Spain
US Army Ruberized Poncho (2010-10-29)
Now this is what I am talking about! The damn raincoat should have been made out of this material! I have an NOS 1945 US Army Cargo Pack and the material is identical to what you used on the poncho. Same texture, weight, color. If you were to remake the raincoat out of this stuff I would seriously consider buying another one. The current raincoat is too stiff to wear.

Speer - US
Kevin (2010-05-24)
A fantastic reproduction,and arrived into the UK in days of ordering.

Rowley - GB
Repro Rubberized Poncho (2010-05-24)
These poncho are a fantastic repro. Extremely fast shipping, and a great product. Very happy customer!

Schneider - AU
Looks and feels great! Very durable and less farby than my vietnam era poncho.

Sabia - US
5 (2010-02-16)
Awesome reproduction of a WWII army poncho. It comes in handy for my reenactments, and it looks great.

Kipphut - US
Mr (2010-02-09)
Super fast delivery.

Watton - GB
US Early WWII US Army Rubberized Poncho (2009-12-22)
OUTSTANDING! You cant find these any more and if you do they are most certantly rotted. Jerry thanks for bring this back to life! now others can see what the G.I.'s carried.

Stewart - US
WW2 Army Rubberized Poncho (2009-12-18)
EXCELLENT! Likes like the original.

Stickles - US
US Early WWII US Army Rubberized Poncho (2009-12-01)
Great item, just as from that time, very handy to be converted into tent. very pleased with this article, to everyone recommended

Schulmer - BE
WWII Poncho (2009-10-30)
The poncho looks great. They are an excellent repo. I highly recommend.

Zielinski - US
WWII Poncho (2009-09-05)
This Poncho is great!!! This is my first purchase from WPG, and I am extremely pleased. It shipped very fast, and the quality - excellent is not enough. It looks so close to the original! Also, it will keep you dry as a bone.

Bajc - US
Mr (2009-07-19)
Hi Jerry,
The US Early WWII US Army Rubberized Poncho the one I got has the rubberized part is on the inside and the cloth part is on the outside, it is well made but it apers to be inside out, the Australian Army in WW 2 had a rain coat/ground sheet made of similar material however the Australian one was that the rubberized part is on the outside.
This helps to keep it clean when used as a ground sheet, and when used as a rain coat it shines as in the wet most things seam to shine when wet.
I also have seen a US one in a book it apears to be rubberized on the outside how ever it did not say if it was an early or later type of Poncho.
Please let me know if it was made insidout ?
Regards Paul

This poncho is copied exactly from an original one. The fabric side is on the outside to reduce the shine. US raincoats were also made this way.

Well Thank you Jerry a nother great item, keep up the great work 10 out of 10.

Toohey - AU
Poncho (2009-07-07)
Outstanding product...I'm praying for rain at my next tactical!!! And already planning to get another... Keep up the excellent service WPG.

Mike - US
Great, Great Poncho (2009-07-07)
This is an excellent quality repro, very sturdy and useful, and looks great too. Well worth the money - I highly recommend it.

Bubert - US
Excellent piece of kit! (2009-06-21)
I've been looking for a decent, heavy duty poncho to keep in the boot of the car (for emergencies) for a long time now.

All you can get in Australia at the moment are cheap rubbish, even in the military disposal stores.

However, WPG have really out done themselves with this poncho. Perfect! Heavy duty & water-proof (I particularly like the water-proofing around the collar seam; you won't find this in any modern-style poncho).

Can also double as water-proof groundsheet or cover/shelter.

Thoroughly recommend it, not only for it's re-enactment application but also as an extremely useful and practical item.

Griffiths - AU
Mr. (2009-05-05)
Beautiful. Just like the original. Thanks!!

Willis - US
WWII Rubberized Poncho (2009-04-14)
Excellent copy. Hard to tell from an original.

Fordham - US
poncho rubberized us. (2009-04-03)
now this is what im talking about,this is top draw[old 40's saying] the best iv'e ever seen hand's down.

martin - US
US PONCHO (2009-03-19)

Keras - US
US Army WW2 early rubberized poncho (2009-01-10)
very nice copy from the original - very fast shipment to Belgium - very good service from WPG

US poncho (2008-11-29)
Absolutely fantastic product 100% happy. shipping was super fast to the uk, brilliant.
wpg servise superb

marsden - UK
poncho (2008-09-27)
Jerry I received the poncho today It is terrific Very much like the one I was issued, which incidentally I still have. Heavier as you said. When I enlisted in 1951 it was before the Air Force blue was established so we got all old Army Air Corp uniforms. During basic training the blue uniforms were issued so we got another set. But we had to take our rough-out leather brown boots and make them black with shoe polish Endless hours of work with a tooth brush finally did the trick. Many thanks HJM

Kelly, Northern Ireland (2008-09-18)
Fantastic Quality looks Fabulous
Can't wait to get rained on to try it out. Would totally recommend this product.

MALONE - Ireland
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