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fast delivery and in good condition (2021-10-11)
nice items as discribed

duysters - BE
Great experience (2021-10-02)
Fast delivery, excellent reproduction

Rogerson - AU
Very Nice (2021-08-19)
Well made, has the "pigskin" look that my original case has. Have been wanting a reproduction for decades. Thanks, WPG. Would recommend.

US Customer - US
Leather Binocular Case Srtap (2021-07-01)
I am delighted with the service and the item recently purchased.

Taylor - UK
Well worth it! (2021-02-26)
Strap is an exact match to. Original case!

Kusterer - US
incredibly fast delivery, excellent match for old nikon case (2021-02-06)
this strap was easy to modify to fit the metal studs that capture and guide the straps on the case. the leather is supple and the length is perfect.

glenn - US
Super repro at a reasonable price (2020-10-05)
fast delivery, good communication, the repro is almost indistinguishable from the original.

Berger - CH
Bono case strap (2020-04-24)
Perfect replacement.

T Travis - US
Looks great, fits perfect (2019-08-18)
This is my first purchase from WPG and I am very impressed with the product and the rapid delivery. I needed a strap for my M17 case and M3 binoculars and WPG had for a very reasonable price. Thanks.

Larry - FL
US Leather Binocular Case Strap (2019-05-21)
Exceeded my expectations. Very good!

Spatz - US
Excellent looks, Quick Delivery! (2017-12-08)
Excellent reproduction. It looks like one of the original case straps I have on another case. The color matches well. I just have to break it in now.
And, Very Fast Delivery.

Amazed (2017-06-29)
Everything is top notch, your quality is amazing, and the depth of your catalogue is fantastic. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Cornwell - US
Another Great Transaction from WPG (2017-05-05)
The Binocular case straps and the Binocular straps I received from WPG were great reproductions and the color match of the Case straps were as good as though they were original. WPG delivery system is fast and efficient.

Mislang - US
strap (2017-03-28)
matches the original case very well.

Pace - US
A good service (2016-10-14)
Good quality and a perfect fit for the ww1 Binos The second strap for a ww2 set of Binos could have been longer. Offering a longer strap would be great.

Meyer - UK
Efficient (2016-10-07)
I received the items I ordered promptly, and they were as described. No complaint at all.

Marlow - UK
Very fast to the UK (2016-09-16)
I was impressed both with speed of delivery and product quality. Thankyou!

Hazell - UK
very good reproduction, to recommend, (2016-08-10)

jean jacques K - FR
Bino Case Strap (2016-07-02)
Excellent bino case strap. Well made with a vintage style buckle. I put one on a WWI US case and it's perfect.

Jim - USA
Very happy. (2016-03-01)
The items I ordered were perfect for my needs. The service was fast and efficient. Thank you.

Schlotte - US
useful item (2015-10-19)
this si the second I ordered, its a cheap and useful item to spare an original, with its flimsy build

Boccia - IT
Mr. (2014-10-27)
Does just what it says on the tin! Fast and efficient delivery.

Tate - GB
Perfect (2013-03-06)
Very good strap for my original M3 Nash Calvinator case, perfect colour

Bergstrom - SE
US Leather Binocular Case Strap (2012-12-21)
Buckle and color did not match photo on website but worked great. Short delivery time from Dubai.

Barrett - US
mr (2012-10-11)
fast fast fast

clark - US
US Leather Binocular Case Strap (Not for the M24 Carrying Case) (2012-10-03)
I purchased this strap with the intention of replacing the existing strap on my M24 binoculars carrying case. However, when it arrived, I discovered that it is both narrower and shorter than the original strap, meaning it is not suitable for use with the M24 carrying case. Other than that, it is well constructed and well finished. I plan to keep it to replace an original strap if I get an M17 carrying case.

Antonopoulos - US
Bino Case strap (2012-08-10)
Well made Bino case strap,other then looking new it is perfect, just what I needed.

Merenkov - US
Binocular Strap (2012-07-21)
Nice strap, great price, fits my 7x50 Navy glasses perfectly. Lexol softens strap nicely, darkens slightly, looks good, desire to dye black fading...

bunnybrown - US
Binocular case Strap (2012-07-17)
Nice product - works perfectly with a WWI bino and case that was missing a strap.

Shufelt - US
US Leather Binocular Case Strap (2012-07-15)
Very nice reproduction. OK.

Gascon - ES
Product Review (2012-03-11)
Nice product. Works well and completes the impression.

Ben-David - US
M-17 Binocular case strap (2012-02-28)
Just what I needed to complete the WWII bino case I purchased.

Ben-David - US
Glad I bought it (2012-02-25)
Strap color matches my old case perfectly, fast shipping - great product. This is a very professional, well run business. Thank you.

Tanker - US
great (2012-02-25)
A perfect fit on my 1916 dated British Bino case!

Clewlow - GB
Awesome! (2012-01-20)
High quality, fast shipping and a very low price.
Thank you!

Binocular Case Strap (2011-11-25)
Very fast service, meticulous routing updates, and a very nice product. Matches my father's Korean War era case exactly. Many Thanks.

mcdevitt - US
US Leather Binocular Case Strap (2011-09-11)
Great item, thank you.

Kuzin - PL
Binocular case strap (2011-07-05)
Arrived quickly and will do the job.

Eardley - GB
great (2011-06-28)
great quality. Measures 9/16" by roughly 5 1/2 feet and has a nice medium brown finish. Can (almost) pass for a WWI helmet chinstrap (if you cut the buckle off, snip the buckle post, and install a few split rivets)

joe - NY
US Leather Binocular case strap. (2011-06-09)
A great item, thank you WPG.

Nicholas - GB
strap (2011-01-14)
Really nice one, thank you!!! Frankie

Nachlinger - CZ
US Binocular Strap (2010-06-10)
Excellent Quality Reproduction and at a great price!

Gaynor - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
Good quality and well made..Excellent

reenactor (2010-04-14)
vary nice reproduction

Henson - US
US Leather Binocular Case Strap (2010-03-31)
Very good quality, strength.

Kilroy - IT
Binocular case strap (2009-09-14)
great quality fast shipping.

Viswat - US
Binocular case strap (2009-08-29)
Very nice reproduction. Looks spot on to my original. I actually painted mine OD to match another OD painted case and it looks great!

Michaud - US
Binocular strap (2009-01-13)
Looks "too new" to put it on my scuffed and used binocular case! :) I guess I'll just have to use my binocs again and break this strap in... I'm sure they replaced straps when they broke back the too.

Gustafson - US
Binocular Case Strap (2008-02-25)
Very good reproduction of the original case strap. Color matches well to the case and the antique finish brass buckle is a nice touch.

Mark - IN, USA