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Brown mug. (2021-08-02)
Good mug.

Excellent reproduction . (2021-06-01)
Exactly what I wanted. Fast delivery and a fair price!

Brown - US
No complaints. (2020-06-08)
No issues, great service

Hively - US
good, Super, fast delivery (2020-04-22)
good, Super, fast delivery

lee - KR
Well made mug! Prompt delivery! (2019-10-07)
Well made mug! Prompt delivery!

Hogenkamp - NL
super (2019-02-19)
Great price and looks pretty good

Draper - US
Very happy. (2019-01-10)
Second cup i have purchased from WPG. I bought the early white version and picked this one up for late war.
Either version, well made and a perfect copy of the real thing!

Oram  - CA
Good Stuff (2018-12-10)
Exactly as described, timely delivery, the usual very positive experience.

Cane - CA
Excellent (2018-03-16)
Super fast

Ruud - NL
fast and reliable (2017-12-03)
great price and fast delivery

cubano - US
nice mug great gift (2017-06-14)
as always wpg delivers what they promise

herodes - SE
Nice mug (2016-12-15)
Ordered the brown one, received the white one. Still a nice cup though.

Harriman - US
cup (2016-08-25)
Great quality, fast shipping.\
Thanks , Jerry

Mike - Canada
Outstanding repro, delivered on time! (2016-06-21)
Now I have a proper tea mug! Huzzah!

Stu - US
R.A.S (2015-03-31)
Article conforme a la description reçu en bon état et bien protégé pour le transport.

Massimo - FR
Great Reproduction (2014-11-24)
I've received my British Brown WWII Style Mug. It arrived quickly, and looks great! The quality looks good and should be a part of my kit for many years.

Craig - US
Great mug (2014-08-26)
Well pleased

Stephey - US
Great mug (2014-08-08)
Finally a decent copy of the original, been looking for a decent original for a good while, no joy. These are now my go to mugs for all beverages.

Mark - Navarre, FL
WW2;brown mug (2014-05-10)
Very good repro. Perfect for brewing up.

Sanford  - US
Mug (2014-04-24)
Good repro, close to the original but not exactly

papendrecht - NL
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2014-03-17)
Arrived last week, now a staple piece of gear. Very happy to have it.

Williams - US
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2013-10-30)
Nice mug, but there are a couple of burs on the handle.

British Brown WWII Style Mug (2013-01-15)
Superfast shipping & perfect item, suitable for outdoor use.

Michael - RU
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2012-12-31)
Perfect Repro, very good quality, fast shipment, thanks a lot.

papendrecht - NL
brown mug (2012-07-09)
this is a great mug, quite rugged and feels good in your hand.not something you see should probably go ahead and get two like i did.One for home/one for work.

jarzyna - US
mug (2012-05-26)
Excellent! Great work.

Arnaud - FR
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2012-03-22)
Nice mug, well made.

Anderson - US
Brown Mug (2012-02-10)
My new favorite coffee mug. Once tough piece of gear.

Armbruster - US
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2011-11-10)
Great Repo! Fast Delivery!!

Tom - US
Brown mug (2011-10-30)
Great price for a great repro item for any Commonwealth army reenactors. I would suggest to change only the handle to a slightly thinner design to match my original. Shipping is as fast as usual!!!

Lachance - CA
Mug (2011-10-12)
Very nice repro.

Seth - US
great (2011-08-04)
What can I say other then a great repro? look forward to using it soon!

Beeble - US
J (2011-06-30)
Very good. Prompt shipping. Have been using it everyday.

Auger - US
Thanking (2011-06-29)
Mug of very beautiful quality. Thank you.

fabien - FR
British Brown WWII Mug (2011-06-23)
Must be the same producer as my originals. Now I can retire my relics. Extremely fast shipping.

Dave - US
Great Mug!!! (2011-04-29)
Excellent repro of the British brown mug. Another fine job by WPG!!!

Ron Bergeron - Welland, ON, CAN
mug (2011-04-25)
new condition, just as advertised.

black - CA
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2011-03-28)
Fine good looking mug!

Graus - NL
British mug (2011-03-08)
looks brand new. Should fit well with my reenactor gear.

King - US
Good Repro @ Good Price (2011-02-25)
I always liked the Brit brown Mug, I can''t compare it w/ original though; yes, no markings on it, but I just love it. It''s what I wanted & for the right price. WPG is my favorite place for going shopping in the 40''s

Ricciardi - Italy
tea time.. (2011-02-25)
No more farby cups!!

Kane - US
Mug (2011-02-09)
Liked the first one so much, I bought two more

Witt - US
A+ Kit (2011-02-08)
outstanding quality!

Daniel - DE
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2010-07-22)
Very good service and quality repro. Will happily add it to my kit.

Boucher - CA
mug (2010-07-05)
nice item good service

Hrabak - US
Mug for Tommy (2010-07-04)
Great looking mug. Will serve all your Tommy neads.

Wallin - SE
british mug (2010-05-21)
Great mug, use it in the field and at home!

Person - US
Nice ... (2010-04-28)
I got the package yesterday and very pleased with these all stuff.

Radcliffe  - US
UK enameled steel mug (2010-04-15)
good copy f/ (my eventual mannequin) display w/ fieldgear - originals are fairly scarce these days (Only way to improve would be to add mrkgs
, but these would soon start to appear on Ebay as "orig")

Reus - US
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2010-03-15)
Very good repro and can be used daily.

Liu - US
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