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1911 Campaign Hat (2011-08-17)
Excellent quality and shaped well. I ordered the size hat I normally take and it fits like a glove. Very comfortable hat. It shipped very quickly.

Ernie - California, USA
1911 Campaign Hat (2010-02-05)
Very nice item - best qualitat! Perfect size. Very fast shipping! THANK YOU VERY MUCH JERRY!

Luczynski - PL
Pricey but worth it (2009-04-03)
The $300 price tag made me hesitate on this one. But as a bald guy that sunburns easily I own a lot of hats, some very expensive. I know that anytime you step up from wool felt to real fur felt you have to expect to toss in another $100-$200.
That said this is an excellent hat. The quality is worth every penny. I like the fact that the brim has a little bit of ''floppyness'' to it and isn''t stiff as a board (like my old drill sargeant''s). I used a low steam iron to relax and shape the brim some so it droops a little front and back like the original WWI style. I run about 7 1/4 long oval. The 7 1/4 was a little tight front to back. I exchanged it for a 7 3/8 and that fit just fine. I''ve learned from my hat guy that fur hats hold up much better to abuse, rain, and general outdoor wear then wool. Fur felt fibers lock together much more tightly and solidly then wool. So I''m not intending to baby this one. I''ll let you know how it holds up.

Grant - Sacramento, US
Campaign hat (2008-09-30)
If your going to purchase this high quality hat you should also invest in a cover block for campaign hats, available from Ranger Joes.

Carl - USA
Enjoy doing business (2008-09-21)
Thanks for the quick turn around. I received the hat. As always, I enjoy doing business with your company!

Alfred Crane - VA 23608, USA
Campaign Hat (2008-09-21)
WOW! This hat could easily pass for an original. It''s smooth as butter and wears very well. Hands down the best hat on the market.

Mike - Nebraska / USA