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Arrived quickly (2021-09-27)
Good and warm, required some stretching

White - NZ
Great (2021-03-16)
Great item at a very reasonable price!

Starkey - CA
Great color, fit (2021-03-09)
I dig it.

Anderson - US
Another quality kit piece. (2019-12-29)
A bit smaller that than the British one and a bit courser wool, but still very good.

McCabe - LU
Good material (2019-11-07)
An excellent item. And thanks for the link to the Youtube video on how to wear it.

Col. Smythe - US
Cap Comforter (2019-10-19)

It's brilliant! Thanks!

Bill Wisher

Wisher - US
Received quickly (2019-09-02)
My ?50's-60's? Unknown country surplus cap comforter I had worn for 10+ years at work went missing and was dreading having to replace it. This fit the bill nicely.

Wheeler - US
Great item (2018-08-18)
Perfect for my WW1 kit. As mentioned before it needs dampening and stretching to fit, but that's far better than arriving too large!

Great to find these in a decent early khaki.

Chisholm - UK
Top notch as always (2017-09-09)
Came super fast. Quality materials and construction. I have a unit of New Zealand reenactors and I would certainly recommend these to my friends.

Longley - US
Cap Comforter (2016-09-05)
Arrived quickly and was exactly as advertised. The wool is rougher than the UK Cap Comforter but it works just fine.

Saxon - US
UK Cap Comforters (Khaki Indian Army) (2014-12-14)
Great item, a little tight but nothing a little water and a basketball can not solve. Thanks!

s2h7e11 - HU
What the heck.... (2014-05-07)
You sent me 3 scarfs, not cap comfort....errr, nevermind, just read the instructions. All kidding aside, nice item and not too tight on the head like others have mentioned. Double plus good!

Richard - NYC
UK Cap Comforters (Khaki Indian Army) (2014-04-15)
Great hat. Very warm and functional. Got a late spring snow yesterday so I was able to test it out. If you are having trouble turning your "scarf" into a hat, there is a youtube video to show you how.

Hart - US
UK Cap Comforters (Khaki Indian Army) (2013-09-09)
A really multi purpose item. On some WW1 pictures itcan be seen, that it was already in use at that time.

Op (2013-07-04)
Nice piece of gear. Good quality wool.

Bcnravo2zero - CA
Like A Commando!!! (2013-07-01)
Awesome piece of winter kit. Nicely made with a tightly knitted body; the end seams are solidly sewn. I also like the color; a nice medium khaki that would work well in multiple environments. This cap comforter is a must-have in my Indo-Pak War Indian Army Para unit!!!

Jedediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois
Indian cap comforter (2013-04-09)
Really good though a bit tight

Borg - AU
cap comforter (2013-03-15)
Looks the part all good can't fault it

Allen  - GB
Mr (2012-11-12)
Arrived quickly. As described in the advert.
good quality

Robson - GB
comforter (2012-11-01)
Needs stretching, but looks like what the boys used at Dieppe.

Stewart - CA
Awesome (2012-10-23)
These are awesome! They keep you warm, and look great! To clarify a little more on the instructions, you have to turn one end of the cap inside out. It was a wee bit tight, but I also have a big head. If you find yours to be tight, soak it in COLD water and stretch it over a bucket or something similar.

Julian - United States
Must Have (2012-10-17)
Excellent kit, kept me warm while camping with my living history group in sub zero temperatures!

Allton - GB
Great quality! (2012-08-15)
Mine was extremely tight when it arrived, easily fixed by soaking in cold water and leaving it stretched over a bucket to dry.

Stefan - Canada
Jason, US (2012-07-15)
Excellent, I've wanted one of these for so long. Glad you make them in the proper BIA color, also. Additionally, I'm glad you included the instructions on how to roll it up on the webpage - I assumed I'd figure it out on my own, but was sadly put to shame.

Zan - US
UK Cap Comforters (Khaki Indian Army) (2012-06-17)
Very good quality and useful!

van - NL
Great product, nice price! (2012-05-06)
Always after Indian military gear, this addition to my collection is an absolute must, considering that I am doing a photoshoot soon, wearing the older 60's style of combat uniform. Quality is second to none, whilst the fit is close, as it should be, considering that this was standard issue as winter headgear for bitterly cold Northern region Indian climates.

hose tops (2012-02-25)
love these!cool to see the broad arrow marking,great bargain.

jarzyna - US
Cap Comforter (2012-02-10)
Well made. Love the fit

Armbruster - US
. (2011-12-18)
As good as I had hoped, Just like the ones worn in the film Cockleshell Heroes.

donoghue - GB
Simon (2011-10-10)
Great just like the originals

Lovell-Smith - GB
Raid Ready (2011-09-28)
Always wanted one of these since playing with Airfix Commando toy soldiers as a kid. Nicely made! Thanks.

Conner - US
Cap comforter (2010-10-22)
Great knit wool and color, nice and warm!

bargar - US
Rev. (2010-06-08)
Neat hat. I can't wait for the cold weather to be able to wear it.

Viladesau - US
UK Cap Comforters (Khaki Indian Army) (2010-03-31)
Very cool product! It will stretch out nicely and fit better once washed, but the colour and feel is perfect! Well made, well done WPG!

Henley - AU
stretch (2010-01-08)
yes, needs a stretch and after that it is wonderful
thank´s wpg

Schatull - DE
Fast Delivery! Great toque! (2009-10-16)
The toque I received was better than I had hoped! Comfortable, classic looking, non-flammable, it's going to keep my head warm on deployment!

Barber - CA
Cap Comforter (2009-09-08)
Nice,needs a stretch. Good to see WPG remembers the men of 8th Army/Indian Army

Taylor - GB
Indian cap comforter (2009-06-03)
Lovely, good heavy warm wool, nice dark color. Highly recommend soak in cold water, and then stretch over a soccer ball or something round because they are Ghurka sized (small)WASH COLD THEN STRETCH AGAIN TILL DRY. Or wear as scarf, a must have for obsessive collector of WWII stuff.

byrnes - US N.J. S.ORANGE
Cap Comforter Feedback (2009-05-18)
Nice, like the colour and the look on the field is great- still they are too tight!! By the time you fold them correctly they cut off the blood supply and you can't wait to take them off- such is the price you pay for looking classy! Still the best I've seen though regards David in Ireland

Janes - IE
Purchaser (2009-05-05)
They are better than the originals I have bought in the past. Had to stretch one a bit before it would fit my turtle (MK 4?) helmet, but it fit.

Nolen - US
UK Cap Comforters (Khaki Indian Army) (2009-03-22)
Couldn't be better

Micallef - MALTA
Good (2009-03-17)
Good hat, does require a diagramme as said, kit should be "squaddie proof" . Very good quality for your money, very commonly used in the Indian Army. More re-enactors should have them.

driver - UK
cap comforter (2009-02-25)
nice cap and and will be nice on cool evenings

Cummins - US
cap comforter (2009-02-18)
perhaps this should come with a diagram, but that would break its authenticity. Great product again Jerry. Looking forward to seeing what else comes out this year.

Troy - Australia, Tasmania