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Boots (2013-03-28)
Great boots, well worth it! Very accommodating on the sizes too!!

Jared - US
ammo boots (2013-03-15)
My secound pair excellent

Allen  - GB
ammo boots (2013-03-14)
parfait. Excellente reproduction

monestier - FR
British Ammo Boots (2013-03-10)
Perfect replica and very good price.

Lukas D. - CZ
ammo boots (2013-03-07)
Excellent boots. Easily worth the money.

British Ammo Boots (2013-03-06)
Nice boots and fast delivery

Guidobono - US
British Ammo Boots (2013-02-17)
Great strong boots, perfect item for active outdoor reenactment.

Michael - Russian Federation
Best boots I've ever had (2012-11-11)
These are the best boots I've ever had. They're solid and comfortable (but be sure to use the correct socks with them!). They are just like the originals in every aspect and come with replacement hobnails and laces. They absolutely need to be broken in well, though. I got excellent counseling from Jerry regarding the size I should order. My shoe size is 8.5 and size 9 fits like a dream. The only problem is, that they smelled a bit strange for about two weeks, probably it's the leather.
But nonetheless, I am loving the quality of these ammo boots. and, as mentioned before, the price is truly unbeatable!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
Ammo Boots (2012-09-13)
Very well, nice sizing and fairly comfortable

Cifuentes - US
ammo boots (2012-08-26)
Look great fit very well for new boots

Spurgeon - US
British Ammo Boots (2012-08-22)
Very nice - obviously need to break them in.

White - US
Excellent ! (2012-08-21)
What shoes ! they are very good, and I will not only use them for airsoft, but also for motorcacling. Very comfortable and look to be of good quality. But this, only time will tell ! This apart, fast shipping, because I got them in less than a week. Thanks, WPG !

Duruz - CH
perfect (2012-08-13)
the best reproduction of ammo boots that I saw

Benoit - FR
Boots (2012-08-05)
Actually, the best boots ever!

Contino - IT
Brit Ammo Boots (2012-07-09)

Phelan - US
Ammo Boots (2012-07-04)
Awesome fit, what's also great is that they look like the originals that I have.

Foust - US
Great boots (2012-06-16)
The feel, the fit, the price area reasons why I keep coming back to WPG.

demarest - US
British Ammo Boots (2012-05-22)
They look to be very strong.
Great product.

Mateo - Barcelona, ES
Private (2012-05-02)
Nothing like the sound of ammo boots. Recorded ourselves walking between hangers at Warbirds Over Wanaka on an iPhone and used it for sound effects in a WW2 street soundscape for Lest We Forget on ANZAC Day at Founders Park, Nelson, New Zealand. Well spooky hearing the sound of ghost soldiers walking past...

Ellis - NZ
British Ammo Boots (2012-02-28)
These are just great, perfect fit, the look well made, super fast delivery. Top marks WPG.

Pete - NZ
1940's repro military boots (2012-01-19)
Excellent item, great price, speedy delivery, recommended

Porter - GB
Ammo Boots (2011-10-26)
Boots came pretty quickly. I knew right out of the box that they were going to be way to I soaked mine in warm water for about 12 hours. They now mold to my feet and after hiking up and down hills for a day I can report that I have no blisters or other foot problems. Nice boot and great company to deal with!

Shaun - Indiana, US
British Ammo Boots (2011-09-30)
Super fast delivery time, very nice boots.

UK Boots (2011-09-21)
I love the Boots

van - NL
Just a little more to add (2011-06-17)
These boots are amazing and very stout. Well worth the $85, heck they are well worth twice that amount. Used hot water to soften the boots and then wore them dry. The boots are well on their way to being broke in. Awesome boots!

Kirkham - US
Great Boots (2011-06-14)
My Ammo Boots arrived the day after my socks. Again super fast delivery time, great job! The boots look great and are VERY stiff. But nothing a little breaking in won''t fix. I wear a 9-9.5 or so and ordered the size 10 boots. Great fit all around. I am very pleased with this product. This will look much better with my piping uniform than my old broke down corframs. Now to spit shine the caps.

Robert - Colorado Springs CO
WWII Brit Ammo Boots (2011-06-03)
Great look and feel. I wear a size 10 1/2 and ordered a size 11 and they fit perfect.

Fast delivery from the UAE.

Thank you WPG!

Howard - US
Gaiters (2011-06-03)
Very nice. have not worn them yet, will do so soon.

King - US
best replica (2011-06-02)

Borovicka - CZ
Master of Fine Arts (Mr.) (2011-05-29)
The ammo boots are great! They fit like they're custom made, and are built like they'll last forever.

Sayers - US
Great (2011-05-28)
Very nice, will take a bit of breaking in like all new boots. Excellent overall

Roberts - US
Awesome! (2011-05-23)
Great boots, I love them. Fast shipping, Ive got mine in few days :) Thanks!

Zelek - US
British Ammo Boots (2011-04-30)
Very nice boots. Exceeded expectations

Kiilerich - DK
ammo boots (2011-04-28)
very good, always a pleasure

Campbell - US
Ammo boot (2011-04-27)
Good seller l will order again

Henry Fung - Hong kong
Jim (2011-04-08)
Very impressed with the boots! I wear a very wide shoe and they had my size in 7 wide!!

Custeau - US
Ammo Boots (2011-04-03)
Needed an extra pair and got 'em within a few days. That's what I call customer service.

Tom - BE
* (2011-03-31)
Excellent service and great product. Thanks for the extra leather laces!!

kruger - ZA
Ammo Boots (2011-03-28)
I can't believe how quick those boots got here. They are perfect. Basically my first order with WPG, just to check how it would turn out. It is the best service I've seen in a long time, so my next order is already posted :)

Tom - BE
british boots (2011-03-09)
great and quality boots

carlos casariego - ES
Allied Forces Foundation Drummer (2011-02-28)
Nice product with a good fit. I normally take a US size 11.5 & ordered a 12 in this boot. Top Notch....

paul - Massachusetts / USA
Ammo Boots (2011-02-15)
I have had these boots for nearly a year now. By default they became my hiking/backpacking boots. They have great balance and the soles are just the right stiffness. I have taken them through the Santa Cruz Mountains, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Nevada Desert and have only lost a single nail. You can bet that when the cobbler can no longer fix them, I will get another pair from WPG.

Daniel - California/USA
best replica (2011-02-10)
better than original :)

Borovicka - CZ
A+ Kit (2011-02-08)
Nice boots! Would recommend to everyone

Daniel - DE
SSgt Gray (2011-02-06)
Very good boots. I haven't been disappointed by any of the items I've purcheased.

Gray - US
Mr. (2011-01-29)
Received in good order and am now ready to march in Ox's army. Exceeded my expectations - thank you.

Kerchaert - US
ammo boots (2011-01-20)
Fits perfect, even I need a half sice up. I´ll test them in reenactment this spring.

Neuser - DE
UK Ammo Boots (2011-01-20)
They were right, these boots are made for walking! I normally take a US size 11.5 & ordered a 12 in this boot! Perfect fit. Nice boots & super fast shipping from UAE! Thanks again

Adam - MD U.S.A.
ammo boots (2011-01-01)
Received my ammo boots before Christmas. Most pleased with the response time following the order especially with the holidays. Fantastic. Have always been impressed with items from What Price Glory. Jerry Lee continues to be my chief supplier when it comes to British Militaria

Getz - US
British Ammo Boots (2010-10-31)
Thanks WPG! Excellent service and quality made boots! I know these will last me a very long time! Thanks again.

Henley - AU
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