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Good helmet (2011-09-05)
Very good reproduction helmet.
You can buy blindly, it''s the same of my original, but new !

Bruno - FRANCE
US M1938 Tanker Helmet (For Non-US Customers only) (2011-06-13)
Excellent helmet and fits perfectly.

Triffoni - BR
US M1938 Tanker Helmet (2011-03-06)
After watching Sahara the other day I was again drawn to the old US Tanker Helmet. So I ordered one from WPG. Their reproduction is spot on! Sitting side by side with an original the details on WPG’s repro are exact.

So if you are looking for a large size then this is your option.

Kegel - US
Tanker helmet (2011-03-06)
Great helmet. Fit is great. Quality is excellent.

Madden - US
it's a great job (2011-02-28)
i received a perfect repro; quality materials

pauwels - FR
M1938 Tanker Helmet (2011-02-25)
These are perfect! Hard to tell the difference between my original helmet and this one. And it has the benefit of not being too fragile to use in my friend''s M18 Hellcat!

Scott - Arizona
Happy Tankers (2011-02-06)
Will be using them inside real tanks!! seem to be perfect and will add some safety against bumps!!

vreeland - US
Awesome (2011-01-22)
Absolutely outstanding helmet, superior quality leather, great fit.

Rotundo - US
US M1938 Tanker's Helmet (2010-12-07)
I have two originals, this reproduction is a perfect copy....outstanding work. and the WPG sales and shipping team are always on them

Stanley - US
US M1938 Tanker Helmet (2010-11-22)
Very pleased. A perfect fit for my 7 3/4 head. Correct small details. My original is too fragile to wear, this is a great replacement for 'everyday' wear :)

brown - US
outstanding!!!! (2010-11-21)
I was very impressed with the helmet. You would have to examine it closely to tell if it is a repo. With the 1938 googles you have an outstanding display. Thanks WPG.

Sergio - Mesquite, TX USA
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