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US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2009-08-29)
The gloves LOOKED GREAT. Were well made. However I was sent the wrong size and only offered a refund rather than make the order right.

Gonzales - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2009-07-09)
Liked the ones I bought for my use I ordered this pair for the display manniquin.

Hutton - US
A+ (2009-07-07)
Very nice, soft gloves, really adds a great touch to the uniform.

Serfass - US
Gloves! (2009-05-25)
Good replica!

Pntek - HU
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2009-05-03)
These are just what I needed, they are great.

Mundheim - US
riding gloves (2009-04-10)
gloves seem a little small for xl or my hands are biggger. product good, will see about wear.

Tysenn - US
Gloves (2009-02-17)
Arrived quickly and were as described. Good value.

Foley - US
Very Nice! (2009-02-10)
Well made, soft comfortable leather, well worth the price

Don - United States
Nice gloves (2009-02-06)
Well made, soft comfortable leather, well worth the price.

Don - United States
M-1938 horsehide riding gloves (2008-12-06)
Nice gloves; thin and comfortable. Very lightweight, NOT suited for any kind of heavy-duty work.

thornton - US
M 1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2008-11-25)
Great fit, wonderful quality!

Houston - US
Tom New Jersey (2008-11-18)
Perfect for riding. They are comfortable and good looking. Very well made.

Russo - US
Working Gloves (2008-10-09)
I have two pairs of these. One I use on and around horses nearly every day. The other is kept for cavalry "dress" use. These are well-made, working gloves and will serve as well now as the originals did for the old-time cavalry.

Fred - California
paratrooper gloves (2008-07-30)
really thin with a strong chemical oder!
at least $8 over priced!

Dan - IN. USA
Horsehide riding gloves (2008-06-07)
Thanks Jerry for a nice pair of gloves!The stuff you sell is always on the mark.

Lars - sweden
Great find (2008-04-07)
This is a item that every paratrooper should have. They wear and fit great.

Matt - Kansas U.S.
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