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Early War Poncho (2008-02-08)
This thing both looks AND feels very sturdy. I would highly reccomend to anyone looking for a period poncho

Stan - Kansas USA
WPG Poncho (2008-01-20)
WOW! Other than age I couldn''t tell the difference from an original

Mike - Nebraska, USA
Better than the shelter (2008-01-14)
The rain poncho works fantastic! I highly recommend it to anyone who does WW2 re-enacting in a tropical climate and/or camps overnight. The rubberized material works as intended and the hardware seems secure. You can take two and snap them together, and use the grommet holes to attach ropes to stakes (if you have ropes and stakes), and pass poles through the grommets in the middle (where your shoulders would be if you were wearing it) to use as a open-ended tent. I wore mine at a recent tactical in Ocala and was the envy of the 12-man unit. Well worth the money if you want to keep dry.

Troy - Tampa, Fl
Great poncho!!!!! (2008-01-09)
The order arrived today. The rain poncho is great! Thanks for noticing and combining the shipping, sorry if I confused things with the separate orders.

Ron Pack - NJ, US
Super Poncho (2007-11-13)
It will be just the ticket for keeping dry. Well made. I know of 2 or 3 others that will be ordering

Sean - IL
Great Poncho (2007-11-09)
Extremely well made, very authentic and much better coverage for self and gear.

Larry - Paducah, KY
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