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M1916 Shirt (2013-04-24)
Excellent shirt and size was perfect!

Pickett - US
Awesome (2013-03-14)
I am a Soldier currently serving in afghanistan and I bought this shirt because I collect old uniforms and I wanted a good wool shirt for the weather here and I could not be more pleased! 2-14 Golden Dragons "The Right of the Line"

Pagart - US
1916 pullover wool shirt (2013-03-07)
great fit. size was as ordered. well maid. good look,color and quality

sutton - US
wool shirt 1916 (2012-11-17)
Excellent quality, would reccomend it.

Costanza - US
Pullover Shirt (2012-09-09)
The shirt arrived quickly and was perfectly packaged
The multiple steps in its journey from Pakistan were communicated by e-mail--I could not ask for better logistics!

The shirt itself is high quality. The wool is soft and will wear well. My first wearing was on a warm day and I was comfortable. The pockets are great.

I am glad I bought it. I'll use it for general outdoor use in addition to re-enacting.

Taylor - US
USM1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2012-09-02)
Great shirt. Very comfortable, tough, in fashion (yes my Parisian friends loved it). Better than polar fleece for a week end in the country side. I am definitely going to order another one.

Emmanuel - FR
mr (2012-07-01)
really nice shirt

wilson - US
US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2012-06-17)
Top quality, fits great, cloth is spot on. Can`t fault the shirt in any way

Great Shirt! (2012-05-31)
Great shirt and a great fit! Thanks Major!

Renault - Texas
5 (2012-05-02)
I'm back!
I just thought about something. I DO have one "criticism".
The buttons.
The buttons are sewn down very snug & tight.
Further, the button holes seem to be smaller, than the diameter of the buttons. That combination, makes it a struggle to manipulate button. You can easily over stress the button...and break it. Like, I did. Now, I need to transfer the neck button, down to the chest. Grrrr.
Which raises the question. Are replacement buttons, for WPG clothing...available?
If this is all I ever have to "complain" about, I'm already dollars ahead!

LOPEZ, Cisco - SoCal, US
5 (2012-05-02)
Having never done business with WPR, my main concern was...fitting! After spending my money and waiting, what am I going to do, if they don't FIT!? Then, I discovered these customer "testimonials". And I'm glad, that I devoted the time to read them! Because, it was well worth the time. I followed the recommendation, of ordering one size larger. If I had ordered "my size", it would have been a scratchy & tight fit.
I'm VERY pleased! I'm still on my "honeymoon", with my first WPR order! Lol!

LOPEZ, Cisco - SoCal, US
Wool shirt (2012-04-03)
A great shirt for my outdoor needs and excellent value.

Moore - AU
WWI Wool Shirt (2012-02-21)
Great shirt. If you are doing early war - especially mobilized NG divisions - you probably still had these shirts since you had much WWI equipment.

Dwyer - US
M1916 Wool Shirt (2012-01-11)
Ordered and received this shirt a while back. Great shirt! The color and styling is right on for Border or WWI look. Fit was perfect. Would recommend this shirt.

Brad - SD, USA
WWI Wool Shirt (2011-11-10)
I am a WWI collector that does Living History for various Historical venues. I have original WWI shirts in my collection, but they are much to small to fit me. I'm glad you brought this product on the market. The nap of the cloth and construction compares very closely to my original shirts. Thanks for offering such a fine product.

Mosser - US
great shirt (2011-08-08)
this shirt is the start of my wild bunch rig
and it will be a big hit come this fall in nova scotia.i have finally found a proper out door store. thank you jerry

sleith - CA
US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2011-08-02)
Beautiful shirt

Baffa - US
M 1916 Wool Shirt (2011-07-08)
An excellent repro. Looks like it just arrived from the QM depot.

Jordan - US
1916 Pullover wool shirt (2011-06-26)
Shipped fast, great quality shirt!!!!! I wear a 40 regular coat and ordered the 40 shirt to make sure it would pull over my head easily and it does.

Strickland - US
Top Notch WWI Wool EM Shirt (2011-02-25)
1) I ordered exactly my size & it fits Just Perfectly
2) this is serious business, not the synthetic candy trash You have nowadays: Don''t Ruin It Washing it other than Hand Wash in Cool Water!

As for the rest, I totally, wholly, completely positively agree with any other previous statement reported here. An historical, scratchy, excellent, travelworthy shirt; a best friend.
I knew at the first glance it would have been a Complete, Huge, Satisfaction
(left breast pocket has what could be a mistake in stitching, resulting in the pocket divided in two compartments: I don''t know if it''s just like it was intended to be, but I like it that way)

Ricciardi - Italy
1916 Pullover Shirt (2011-02-16)
Great shirt - just what a pre-war National Guardsman would have brought with him on mobilization for WWII. Fits just as you would expect.

John D. - US
Order a size up (2010-12-15)
I'm very happy with my shirt. I couldn't find anything comparable through any other source. It's truly a classic and was exactly as advertised. Bear in mind that it's not made with nor meant to be made with cashmere so it's a bit scratchy and rough which, for my purposes, is the look and feel that it's supposed to have.

I'd probably have ordered a size larger than my norm. Not that the shirt wasn't the right size - it's just that the cut and style tends to downsize the shirt.

Nuke - US
1912 pull over shirt (2010-10-14)
It's the best!

Scroggins - US
US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2010-10-07)
Great shirt...sizing is spot-on as far as I can tell.

Scobie - US
Good shirt (2010-09-02)
This is a good looking shirt - very smart and well made. No washing instructions included, but I would hand wash cool just to be sure.

David - GB
Wool Pullover Shirt (2010-05-24)
These are perfect for that period between WWI and WWII. field use. goes great with your khaki breeches.

US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2010-05-20)
Very nice, well made, good detail. Fast shipping.

Whitley - US
Jim Stevens (2010-05-13)
Shirt arrived yesterday. Fit was great. I ordered my size nothing larger. The sleeves were nice and long for my apelike arms. Bought it for re-enactment but will probably wear it for camping outings. Very pleased

Stevens, James - CA
1916 wool shirt (2010-04-18)
Received item 4-15-10. Very happy with shirt. Fits well and very comfortable. The odd thing is that right breast pocket is 1/4 inch lower than left pocket. My wife says it makes the shirt look unique. Thank you for the prompt service. Jeff, Wyoming

Loseke - US
M1916 wool Pull over (2010-03-24)
Great will look great. like the quality and fit

US Wool PullOver Shirt (2010-03-08)
Fine workmanship.
I would buy another one but one size up....since it is a pullover and you need to have a little more room coming over the shoulders than the form fitting waist of the shirt allows....once on it fits nicely...

1916 shirt (2010-02-17)
Nice shirt!
Fast shipping.

Dwyer - US
Pullover Olive Drab Wool Shirt (2009-12-31)
Arrived quickly and in good condition. Size was perfect. Materials and worksmanship appear to be excellent.

Evens - US
Mr. (2009-12-19)
Good item. Incredibly fast shipping.

Brennan - US
Shirt (2009-11-11)
Great shirt. Shipping was super fast. I love ordering from WPG.

Jim L - US
M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2009-11-08)
Excellent quality. Fits true to size

Nakao - US
m1916 Pullover wool shirt (2009-09-29)
Beautiful shirt. As far as I can determine this is just about a perfect reproduction of the WWI shirt. High quality materials and construction - worth every penny!

Covais - US
Great outdoors shirt (2009-07-15)
This is an excellent item.

Perfect for any kind of outdoor activity, hiking, camping etc.

Very warm, yet light-weight and durable. Combine with the British wool shirt and GI WWII sweater it makes a fantastic multi-layer 100% wool combination.

As I've said before, regardless of whether you are re-enacting the period, all of WPG's gear is fantastic for being outdoors.

You can't find this kind of gear in your average camping/hiking store and believe me it is so much better than the modern synthetic stuff!

Griffiths - AU
WW1 Shirt (2009-06-26)
It looks great and it arrived in record time. Thanks again for another perfect item.

Greene - US
1916 pullover shirt (2009-06-11)
great shirt. Just like the original I own, except.......this one fits me

Braiwick - US
M1916 Pullover Shirt (2009-03-24)
Can't speak to the authenticity of this shirt from a military point of view because of my own ignorance: I bought it to do 1920s upland game hunting in, and for my purposes it could be a private purchase from a contractor equally as well as a war-surplus item. What I can say is that I'm extremely pleased with it as far as materials and workmanship go, and find it a very believable period item. The sizing is correct, but if (as will be the case with me) you either think it will get soaked at some point and/or you may wear it as an overshirt....order the next size up.

McDermott - US
ww1 pullover (2009-03-16)
very nice shirt. well made

olson - US
WWI pullover (2009-03-02)
Nicely worked;good detail; is perfect for Wild Bunch cowboy shooting

US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2009-02-28)
Great shirt. Well made.

Tuttle - US
Wool flannel 1st WW shirt (2009-02-04)
Beautifully crafted and well fitting. An excellent garment.

Luscombe - CANADA
wool 1916 shirt (2009-02-04)
Excellent piece of kit as always.

tim - UK
US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2009-01-30)
Concur with all of the rave reviews above. I couldn't be happier with this item. Perfect fit; excellent quality.

Prendergast - US
M1916 Pullover (2009-01-27)
The quality and workmanship on this shirt is impeccable. It''s also cut quite generously in the length so it won''t ride up out of your pants. I actually bought two of this to use for camping/fly fishing because it is hard to find wool shirts at all these days much less constructed with the quality and detail of this one.

Grant - California, US
M1916 wool shirt (2008-12-17)
The comments are correct: your picture does not do the shirt justice. It is a well made reproduction that is equally usefull as a winter camping shirt. I already had one of my own for the last year and bought this as a Christmas present for my brother.

Golden - US
us m1916 pullover wool shirt (2008-12-01)
I have an original us m1916 shirt but is a bit small to wear,After finding these shirts they are a perfect repro in every way and shipping to the U.K was mega fast.Really great service.Thanks.

Raymond - U.K
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