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Boxer Shorts (2009-05-12)
Excellent quality - I like it very much

Schatull - DE
Boxers (2009-05-07)
Sweet buy, and great product, a little green, but the most comfortable boxers ive ever worn.

Erickson - US
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2009-04-17)
Excellent quality and fast delivery.

McMillan - US
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2009-04-06)
Great quality, no diffrents with the orginals and absolutly great reproduction. Top product

van - NL
GI OD Boxers (2009-04-02)
They are a good quality item. I would like to see them available in white as were U.S. Navy issue at one time.

Balderson - US
NICE (2009-01-07)
Good quality for the price.

Fiset - CANADA
boxer shorts (2008-12-08)
Good quality

Scott - US
Shorts (2008-09-05)
Good Item not only for US-Impression

Petros - Germany
Boxers (2008-04-15)
Great piece of kit. Highly recommend. Only down side is all the originals I have seen have 3 buttons and not 2.

Ade - UK
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