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M1911 Sweater (2010-01-05)
Excellent reproduction. Love this sweater!!

Guidobono - US
US 1911 Sweater (2009-12-19)
This is a great sweater! It looks right and feels right. And at a great price! WPG continues to come out with the rare and unusual. Super fast delivery! Thank you!

Sweater (2009-12-09)
Nice looking sweater - quick delivery

Boles - US
A Really Warm Sweater (2009-12-07)

I bought this sweater sometime ago and really needed it at a recent WW I event. It was great. I was warm, despite the 20 degree weather at night. It did not notice the wind with the sweater and a WW II tunic over it.

Thanks for the great reproduction. I pland to get one of the roll neck seaters too.

BTW, the sweater looks great with blue jeans.


Mike - Western Pennsylvania
Perfect! (2009-10-28)
You was right! It is already my favourite sweater. Very comfortable and warm. But on the photo colour of sweater is more green than it is.
Perfect! Thank you!

US M1911 Sweater (2009-10-22)
Great sweater. Very fast shipping. Thank you.

Kennedy - CA
M1911 Sweater (2009-09-29)
never examined an original one of these, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the copy, but I can say that it is exceedingly well made, comfortable,and just a very, very nice sweater. If it is comparable in accuracy to the other items I've gotten from WPG, then it is a dead on repro.

Covais - US
wool sweater (2009-09-26)
Wonderful reproduction sweater and as always, excellent service!

Hussey - US
WW1 Sweater (2009-08-20)
Excellent sweater! Heavyweight indeed! Perfect fit, I used the sizing chart. Fast shipping. Very happy customer.

Mose - Netherlands
1911 sweater (2009-06-11)
beautiful. looks just like sweaters in period photos. well constructed.

Braiwick - US
M1911 Sweater (2009-06-05)
As always, the quality of Jerry's reproductions is top notch. Great buy for the price.

Matthews - US
watch the sizing these are big sweaters. (2009-05-27)
Good sweater for money.
sizing needs looking at I am 44 chest and ordered XL as normal, but Jerry changed to L and that is still too large 44=medium. But on the whole a good looking piece of winter wear.

1911 Sweater (2009-05-20)
Great fit, but use the sizing chart to get the correct size (I did and its perfect). I hope WPG expands their WWI AEF line to include uniforms and other infantry gear. What would be GREAT would be a solid reproduction of a 1918 Pershing Boot...hint, hint...!

Mark Headlee - US
1911 sweater (2009-03-25)
looks like the original. excellent fit and color. will order from wpg again.

Robertson - US
US Model 1912 sweater. (2009-03-17)
Everything I said about the Commando sweater that I ordered at the same time as this one applies. They're also good for everyday wear.

Dolman - US
nice sweater (2009-03-11)
Awesome sweater, read the size chart and order accordingly. I did, and it fits perfectly.

Frazer - US
M1911 Sweater (2009-02-09)
quite simply EXCELLANT! Keep it coming.

Lee Martin - UK
US Model 1911 sweater (2009-02-07)
This is a fantastic reproduction of the original, exact in every detail. The size chart really helped get a good fit.

Hunter - US
Superior quality of workmanship and dead on accuracy. (2009-02-05)
I have a photo of cavalry command group @ 1916/17 and this reproduction is spot on to the sweater they are wearing. This is my third order from WPG, and the service and merchandise quality remains unsurpassed. Highest recommendation.

Jenkins - US
WW1 sweater (2009-02-02)
More good WW1 stuff! We are a small hobby, but there is not lots of repro venders. I try to support you, schipper, GWM, Fisher and such. Your speed is always amazingly fast! Thanks!

Mc Mahon, patrick - US
great sweater (2009-01-13)
Very high quality and warm sweater.

Randy - US
M1911 Sweater (2009-01-10)
Fantastic reproduction of a rare sweater. I have found it in two photos and one of these identifies it incorrectly as a shirt! Thick and warm, I'm glad the doughboy had some comfort. It is a shame I need a really good cold snap to wear it!

John Rosasco - US
M1911 Sweater (2008-12-13)
This is a great looking sweater and thanks for the quick delivery!

Young - US
Great sweater Great service (2008-12-11)
Thanks for the quick shipping.

jenkins - US
US 1911 Sweater (2008-12-09)
Another outstanding item from WPG. Keep up the good work.

M1911 Sweater (2008-12-07)
Outstanding sweater! Received it in no time. Warm, good looking and well made! Thanks!

Tom - US
M1911 Sweater (2008-12-01)
Jerry, Great reproduction! Perfect feel and fit. Keep up with the Pre-WWI US items Sir. Looking forward to them!

Chris - Chicago, US
exceeded my anticipation (2008-11-30)
Jerry The sweater came yesterday and exceeded my anticipation as has everything I bought from you . Your items are top notch and I am hard to please when it comes to authenticity.

Smith - US
US M1911 Sweater (2008-11-26)
Excellent plus repro product. Very comfortable and warm for cold weather. The workmanship and color received complements when I wore it. Good show--another success for WPG.

Eastwood - US
US M 1911 Sweater (2008-11-26)
Outstanding. The day after I received mine it turned cold and rained. Wore it with the Horses. Perfect. I highly recommend getting one.

Simmons - US
Sweater (2008-11-26)
Waited a while for this, was worth the wait. Amazing repro.

garner - UK
US M1911 Sweater (2008-11-24)
Great repro!!! In fact, wore mine on the bench during my daughter's's that warm. 44 chest + Medium.

Scobie - US
Sweater (2008-11-23)
Super fit and great colour. Will wear it in combination with my jeep. Thanks

kubernat - Switzerland
Wow (2008-11-22)
This product fills a gape for WWI Reenactors !
Attention ! Look the Size Charts before Order ! I wear a size 44 Jacket, the M Sweater fits me perfect.

Ruegg - Switzerland
Yes (2008-11-22)
Great cut and very good color.

Zaricor - US
Great! (2008-11-20)
Have been waiting eagerly for this sweater since Jerry first mentioned he was planning on making them and as usual he didn't disappoint! Color is perfect match for my era red cross sweater. Fit is great. All over great item.

Reed - Leavenworth, KS, USA
1912 Sweater (2008-11-19)
Great sweater; good color, good sizing, super-fast mailing. The color is much better than the prototype shown at the WWI event last year. I may have to order another!!

Pete - USA
US M1911 Sweater (2008-11-19)
Great product... Well made, fit's great. A worthy and warm addition to the collection. I even like the colour!

Backhouse - UK
1911 Sweater (2008-11-10)
WOW!! I got my hands on the prototype and first production model. Very well made and very comfortable. These are not just for reenacting!

Mike - Nebraska, USA
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