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Derek (2011-04-11)
Absolutely fist class, very fast delivery

Well plwased

Pattison - GB
perfect tie (2011-04-03)
this tie is perfect

Bradley - US
US khaki tie (2011-04-02)
Nice tie goes great with uniform i have the delivery was lightning fast.

US Khaki Necktie (2011-03-08)
Great tie and as always very quick delivery.

Bengtsson - SE
Khaki tie (2011-01-03)
Tie is excellent quality, shipping is fast. Thanks.

Harvey - US
Khaki Tie (2010-12-25)
The tie is great. A great addition to my outfit!

Armstrong, N - GB
WWII khaki shirt, pants, tie, and belt (2010-12-16)
Pants and shirt fit well after the recommended washing. Good feel and color. One shirt sleeve botton hole not cut and incorrectly placed. Excellent delivery service.

Covington - US
Reenactor (2010-11-09)
Great tie, will go great with all my military shirts.

Vozar - US
Woman's Tie (2010-10-10)
The tie was perfect and the delivery was excellent

Faint - US
Necktie (2010-09-30)
Quick shipping to Europe and nice quality.

Becker - DE
Mr (2010-09-02)
great servive all round

Clayton - GB
Tie (2010-08-10)
Great gives a smart turnout which is whats wanted.

Archer - GB
Khaki Necktie (2010-06-20)
A reproduction Khaki linen necktie was received. It is a very authentic looking reproduction.

Senzig - US
Tie (2010-05-29)
Like other guys, need to reinforce how fast was the delivery from UAE warehouse. Pieces from USA delay a little bit. Tie in old fashion way and matches the uniform.

Santos - Brasil
Good Tie (2010-05-20)
A very good looking tie, matches perfectly w/ the shirt. Just wished it was longer and had a tail/button loop on the back to keep it in place. Don't know if the original did, but you wouldn't see it anyways. Still a very good tie!

Don - US
Khaki Tie (2010-05-19)
The tie looks great. A little stiff in the material, but still a great tie. Thanks!

brown - US
Neck Tie (2010-04-26)
Looks great - and it ties too!

Bess - US
classy now (2010-04-05)
great tie i just hope i remember how to tie it

zarilla - US
Khaki Tie (2010-03-22)
Compared to an original I have, the fabric is a bit thinner, but the color is spot on. Both the original and the repo are rather short for today's men. I was hoping this repo would be a more modern, longer length, but it is not. The only recommendation I can make is to make the tie longer.

Carlson - US
Spot on perfect! (2010-03-22)
The tie ws just as I was wanting for our special day! Thanks for the speedy delivery! I will order from WPG again without a doubt!

Broberg - US
Khaki tie (2010-03-22)
Beautiful tie! I like it a lot. Fast delivery.

Melillo - US
Customer (2010-02-11)
Tie length is perfect and quality is satisfactory.

Mikesell - US
US Khaki Necktie (2010-01-16)
Nice tie

Dionne - US
Nice (2009-12-13)
Very good quality and not as short as other repros

Schatull - DE
Necketie (2009-11-17)
Fast delivery as usually.

It is long enough for me (189 cm).

Moeller - DE
Khaki Necktie (2009-10-23)
The cut and color were perfect. I thought that the materials was, however, a bit on the thin side.

Speer - US
Tie (2009-10-18)
The tie arrived very quickly and looks great.

Mullen - US
Tie (2009-10-15)
Tie very nice, and look's great!

Excellent!! (2009-10-07)
great quality!!

Schunk - US
Khaki tie (2009-09-29)
Very nice. Fine ending for my first impression. Fast Shipping

US Khaki Necktie (2009-08-19)
very fast delivery! tie exactly as expected

Irwin - US
US Khaki Necktie (2009-08-17)
Very nice tie. Quick delivery.

Eaton - US
Tie (2009-08-12)
The tie is great. Thanks

Fiegel - US
Lie (2009-08-05)
The tie was better than expexted: It matches the tropical shirt perfectly and finally a tie long unough for a six footer instead of a pigmy. As usual the speedy delivery has me spoiled.

William - US
US Khaki Necktie (2009-07-07)
Great! Perfect!

Fuller - US
5 (2009-07-04)
Tie was as I expected. Delivery of all my items was fast. WPG is a great place to buy.

Deslauriers - US
Khaki Tie (2009-06-29)
Tie arrived this morning. Delivery only gets faster! I can only say that it looks right for size and proportions for the period, and typical colour and material. Great!

Jon - Ireland
OK (2009-06-27)
Khaki tie is good color but needs to be longer! Original may have been short.

Dawson - US
tie (2009-06-09)
item received many thanks very pleased

wade - GB
Not my favorite (2009-05-19)
Somewhat disappointing in this particular item though very happy with most others that I've purchased. I cannot vouch for the tie's historical accuracy as I have never seen an original. The picture ad does not lie. The item was shorter than I expected and I will probably not get much use out of it. But in general I am thrilled with WPG and their products

Lawrence - US
4 pocket Officers coat, tropical trousers,tropical shirt, tie, garrison cap. WAC coat and skirt, shirt, cap, tie and shoes plus insignia for both sets of uniform (2009-04-18)
Quality of everything fantastic.Generous sizeing.Fast delivery. Helpful service. Would have no hesitation in recommending WPG. Jerry Lee knows his stuf. Many many thanks. Will be back. Regards Wendy UK

Perfect (2009-04-14)
I received the Ike Jacket and it is perfect.

US Khaki Necktie (2009-04-05)
Good Quality - larger size (length) is a plus.

Welch - US
Khaki Necktie (2009-04-02)
Terrific item. Very good repro.

Wow (2009-04-01)
Great Khaki Necktie. Wonderful service.

Staines - US
US Khaki Necktie (2009-03-19)
Nice item, good quality THANKS

Keras - US
Tie (2009-02-27)
Delivery was top notch although I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. Not much fabric compared to an original and making a good knot without it bunching is a bit difficult.

Brodbeck - US
US Kahki Necktie (2008-12-17)
Looks good when tied with Chocolate shirt

Doddy - US
FANTASTIC reproduction (2008-11-24)
Got the tie today.
What can I say... FANTASTIC reproduction... side by side a period dated tie, I couldn't tell!

Billy - CANADA
US Khaki necktie (2008-11-11)
Once again I am very satisfied with the quality of the product. The color suits with the rest of the khaki uniform of WPG. Accurate as always in looks and color. Thanks WPG.

Koustas - GREECE
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