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Long Puttee (2010-10-01)
Very well made, good looking, good price

Harding - US
UK Long Puttees (2010-09-22)
Great puttees, many thanks. Fast service as well.

Tuohy - NZ
UK Long Puttees (2010-09-19)
Good price, fast delivering, and really long and very good replica

Vilanova - ES
Long Puttes (2010-09-01)
absolutely perfect a great item, very much recomended

frank - DE
WW1 UK long puttees (2010-08-21)
The real deal. I wore short puttees for the first 7 years of my 23 years British Army service and they had to be worn in an exact manner - or you were in trouble. Having some dificulty in getting the 'exact manner' of a WW1 soldier though.

Wood - GB
holy cow! (2010-08-06)
I cannot yet put into words my excitment about the speed of shipping and quality of the item! A-1, First Rate! Even found a nice note in the package wishing me to have a great time!

Aksentowitz - US
long puttees for 1902 SD (2010-07-15)
I was pleased to receive these UNTIL I noticed on unrolling them that the join of the two sections (they dont come as one piece of material like the original) is on the outside in comparison to the top bit which makes them look odd when rolled around the leg. Maybe a minor point but this detracts from how they go on and look. I know the join is not visible when the puttees are on but I didnt expect to buy two puttees joined. This is not mentioned in the WPG description and I feel it should be. Could this be remedied on subsequent batches please as it turns a quality product into something else. Cheers, Kim

kim - Australia
Putees (2010-06-10)
These are great quality repros, and are very fun trying to put them on. A nice purchase indeed

Aguilera - US
None (2010-06-05)
Excellent item and very fast shipping.

Cole - US
Puttees (2010-05-06)
All service impeccable!

Ariansen - NO
Long puttees for long marching! (2010-04-30)
Looks great! I'm very pleased. Always fast shipping from UAE! Thanks for the fantastic service.

Wallin - SE
Thanks! (2010-04-19)
Great! Pleased with item and shipping time.

Martens - US
director (2010-02-16)
Very nice. Thanks!

Wise - US
good item (2010-01-03)
Nice finish to the rest of the SD tunic and trousers, good material.

Cleaver - US
JT (2009-12-22)
excellently made and good length,we are a marching band and would like it in the same material as the ww1 uniform and a little rougher,a small detail on an otherwise nice piece of uniform

stevenson - GB
British Long Puttees (2009-09-30)
Superb item, very pleased with the product and the excellent service.

Taylor - PL
A Versatile Item (2009-09-29)
Well constructed and swiftly shipped. A useful item for many different impressions.

Popper - US
Puttees (2009-09-21)
Very high quality and a very good price.

Cigich - US
Puttees (2009-09-08)
Excellent item and service

Taylor - GB
UK Long Puttees (2009-09-03)
Reproductions of this essential item of kit are scarce; this one excellent, unbeatable price.

243 Herbert, Spr. - US
UK Long Puttees (2009-07-04)
Fantastic product. Fast Shipping.

Brown - US
Putees (2009-06-23)
The whole order came in so fast and the puttees are very nice quality wool.

Giroux - CA
Mr (2009-06-20)
Great putees, super quality, very pleased.

Young - GB
Puttees (2009-06-01)
Look great! look forward to using them in the field, for my soviet impression.


Marinello - US
Puttes (2009-05-05)
I recieved my Puttees right on time , they are EXCELLENT reproductions. Thank you for your timely service and quality goods!

I purchased the4se for my Soviet Impression & would like to see WPG cary more int eh way of Russian items

All the best

Don Smith
Cottonwood, Arizona

Smith - US
UK Long Putttees (2009-05-01)
Puttees exactly as ordered. Fast shipping, very happy.

Ivins - CANADA
Putties (2009-03-06)
Great - Totally met my expectations!

Parsons - UK
UK Long Puttees (2009-03-02)
Fast shipping of a very good product

Turner - CANADA
UK long Puttees (2009-02-25)
Excellent item and very fast shipping!!

oliver - US
Feedback (2009-02-02)
Did what they said on the box! Fast shipping

Awesome! (2008-11-01)
These puttees are excellent ... highly recommended.

Matt - North Carolina/US
Fort Edmonton Park (2008-10-29)
Perfect, nice attention to detail in the sewing.

Roberts - CANADA
Excellent (2008-08-18)
Excellent product with extremely fast shipping.

John - NJ/USA
puttees (2008-05-30)
Great quality, excellent delivery time.

Christian - Springtown, Texas
Great! (2008-03-11)
Great item, simple and too the point.

Ethan - AL/US
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