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not bad (2008-11-02)
a very warm, comfortable coat. since receiving my coat, i have worn it each night through some chilly weather. i agree with Farrel's comment about the armpits, though it isn't too much of a worry for me just yet. i expect it will suit me well in upcoming events this winter.

ward - US
M43 (2008-08-30)
I actually ordered this two months ago. WPGs M43 is ok, but mine had flaws. The sleeves were cut too large on the front, and when hung, they rested backwards, resulting in the fabric bunching up way too much in the arm-pits. The fabric has great color, but is not the right poplin. I am decent with a sewing machine, and was able to fix the bunching problem. The tags also had miss-spelling. I do like the M43 trousers though! I am a fan of WPG and their prices! I still recommend their other quality products! Especially their web equipment! Keep up the good work!

Farrell - Victorville, Ca. U.S.
M-43 Jacket (2008-07-20)
Your M-43 reproduction is eerily like the ones I wore as a college kid, and rugged enough to be functional winter wear in WA state. Excellent product!

theo williams - Everett, WA
Suitable for wearing in civilian life, too! (2007-12-24)
Imagine my surprise when, while shopping an online surf catalogue, I spotted a M-43 jacket clone being sold by a big surf label, and selling for over a hundred dollars!

I bought this jacket for winter WW2 history events and it got its first use during 4 days of continuous outdoor activity at a fly-in, where a front came through and brought high winds and temps in the 40''s. This jacket served its purpose well, keeping me warm during one of the coldest Novembers I''ve ever experienced. I didn''t have M43 pants, but wore unreinforced M42 pants instead (still historically correct, as many guys kept theirs instead of turning them in after D-Day). The big front pockets are deep enough to be used as hand-warmer pockets.

Troy - Florida
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