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Awesome !!! (2007-12-29)
Bag arrived today. Thank you for the very prompt service and awesome product!!!

San Diego, CA 92127 - Greg Duff
Fantastic !!! (2007-12-26)
The MK VII is in an incredible shape! I couldn''t be happier with it. The bag is very durable considering that it was made in the 1940''s. It''s a great buy and I will most certainly recommend WPG !!! Thanks

JoseLuis - San Diego
Near Mint Wow (2007-12-23)
These bags are in incredible shape, the one I received was in my opinion unissued. A testament to the construction is they are 60 + years old and still useable, durable and look great. The odor from storage departs easily with a gentle hand wash in wool lite, air dry and a bounty sheet tossed into the bottom. A great historical find by WPG!

Scott - South Dakota
MK VII Bag (2007-11-06)
These bags are in great shape considering the date of manufacture (the one I received had a year stamp of 1941). The canvas still felt sturdy and pliable, and the web strap seemed to be quite tough. The stitching was still quite strong, and appeared that it would not readily pull apart. If it weren’t for the musty smell, you would think that these were recent issue. (Frankly the odor brought back memories of a certain G.I. issue, eight man tent that I spent time in, some forty-odd years ago. Those were the days of real canvas, not rip-stop nylon.) I would heartily recommend these Mark VII bags to any collector! In fact, I plan on buying a second one for safe keeping, lest someone separate me from my current one!

Joe - Nevada/USA
Dear Jerry and Crew:

Thanks for the VERY speedy order delivery of such WONDERFUL QUALITY merchandise!! I'm a fan of WPG for life!
Till the next time, Be well, and Best regards always!

Daniel Saez - Portsmouth, OH
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