US or British Long Puttees

US or British Long Puttees
US or British Long Puttees
US or British Long Puttees
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Reproduction long puttees in khaki wool (leg wraps). 110 inches long.
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US Shelter Half Accessory Kit (Package)

1 Folding Tent Pole (100819000)
5 Wooden Tent Stakes (100822000)
1 Shelter Half Rope (100820000)
1 Tent Peg Bag (100821000)

Our Price: US$ 35.00

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UK Gas Detection Brassard

This is a reproduction of the paper arm brassard as originally produced by the British Army (and later copied by the US Army). It is a more brown color than the US version.

Our Price: US$ 8.00

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British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces
Reproduction, white, non-elastic, adjustable and long enough to fit everyone Our Price: US$ 12.00

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UK Buttons for P-37 Battledress and Khaki Drill Shorts
View Buttons, brass, dished
Our Price: US$ 0.50

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UK WWI 1907 Pattern Oher Ranks Service Dress Trousers

Exact reproduction of wartime pattern issue wool trousers

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