UK Desert Boots

UK Desert Boots
UK Desert Boots
UK Desert Boots
New production run with improved sole assembly, heels would not come off.
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Based on original examples, this style has a higher top than the standard "brothel creeper" to better keep out sand, scorpions, etc. Buttery soft suede leather upper and sturdy rubber sole to withstand camel thorns.
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UK Khaki Full Hose
View Perfect reproduction of WWII long stockings worn with kilts and shorts. 100% wool: hand wash, line dry.

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Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original)


Our Price: US$ 4.00
Retail Price: US$ 12.00

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UK Buttons for P-37 Battledress and Khaki Drill Shorts
Buttons, brass, dished
Our Price: US$ 0.50

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UK Side buttons
View GS, KC, for Service Dress Cap. Our Price: US$ 1.00

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British Army Issue Towel

New reproduction of this very scarce item. Plain white and unmarked, like many originals.

Our Price: US$ 5.00

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