US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio

104624000 1.35kg

WPG now offers a very exact recreation of the WWII squad and platoon level radio,This run is much improved in Range and details such as Slotted screws being used,Color being more accurate, Longer Antenna.. Each Radio comes complete with khaki sling.

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OPTION 1 ($145): Functioning Radio. Has a built-in 8-channel Family Radio System (FRS) receiver/transmitter with a range approximately 3 kms in Open Area. Radio controls and batteries (3 x AA cells, not included) are accessed through the bottom door. The original rubber-covered Push-to-Talk switch activates the transmitter. Antenna covers unscrews and telescoping antenna extends just like originals.

OPTION 2 ($75): Empty shell. This model has all the external features of the functional radio, but is empty inside. Perfect for display, or for your own conversion project.

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