US Army Haversack Slings

US Army Haversack Slings
New reproduction of the leather slings issued for haversacks.
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Color of these slings changed from black to russet several times, so I have left them in natural color.  This sling was originally issued only for the haversack, and a slimmer sling was issued for the canteen.  Later on the Army issued this sling for both haversacks and canteens.
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UK Tam O Shanter Caps
View Khaki wool serge, copied from a 1940 dated original. These were worn by all Scottish troops, and later in the war by all troops assigned to the Highland Divisions.

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US Army M1904 Holster for .38 Revolvers
This is a new reproduction from WHAT PRICE GLORY of the leather M1904 holster that was used with all .38 caliber revolvers issued between 1892 and 1909.  It copies all details accurately right down to the keyhole shaped opening on the closure flap.  The only shortcoming is that the leather tiedown thong is cowhide leather not elk hide as specified in regulations. Our Price: US$ 48.00

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US M1910 Canteen with Cup (Reproduction)

New reproduction.

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