Spur Chains

Spur Chains
Spur Chains
Spur Chains

9 inches long, polished steel.

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US Spurs, M1911
New reproduction of spurs issued to mounted soldiers from 1911 until the end of the horse cavalry in 1943. Price per pair. Our Price: US$ 38.00

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US Breeches, Khaki, Cotton
View New reproduction of the summer uniform cotton breeches worn from the 1930's through WWII by mounted soldiers. All construction details meticulously re-created.

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US Officer Saber Carrier

This saddle mounted carrier was designed for the M1902 officer saber, but will also fit the M1912 Patton Officer Sword in it's metal scabbard.  It has a belly strap to go around the horse and secure the saber from excessive movement.  This is a museum quality reproduction.  Saber is not included.

Our Price: US$ 60.00

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US Model 1908 Cavalry Breeches
View New reproduction of the 1908 Pattern breeches for mounted soldiers.  

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Australian WWII Water Bottle Carrier
This is a special version of the P-37 web water bottle carrier developed in Australia during WWII. 
Our Price: US$ 22.00

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