Australian 1915 Pattern Leather Equipment Set

205999000 2.8kg
US$350.00 US$195.00

WPG has recreated the ultra scarce leather equipment manufactured in Australia in WWI.

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Period photos shows this equipment in use by Australian troops in every theater of WWI, and some was even used at the beginning of WWII. It was made in many shades of tan, brown and green leather. We have copied one of the green colors. 

The set includes:
  • Belt
  • Braces (pair)
  • Extension straps for pack (pair)
  • Ammo Pouches (75 rd, left and right, 2nd pattern)
  • Entrenching tool head carrier
  • Water bottle carrier
  • Bayonet frog with e-tool handle carrier
Large and Small canvas packs for this set are in development
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