Mills Cartridge Belt for US Navy and USMC M1895 Lee Rifle

Mills Cartridge Belt for US Navy and USMC M1895 Lee Rifle
This is a new reproduction of the Mills cartridge belt for use with the Winchester-Lee straight pull rifle adopted by the Navy in 1895.
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This is a museum quality reproduction and should not be confused with cheaper items now being offered.

Suspenders for the belt are in a separate offering.
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US M1912 Army Eagle Snap Magazine Pouch

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US M1910 Mills Mounted Cartridge Belt

This is a beautiful new reproduction of the Mills cartridge belt for mounted troops adopted in 1910.  This was the first 3-piece style cartridge belt.  It saw only limited production, but some were used in the 1916 Punitive Expedition.  The four front pockets hold 6 rounds of .38 revolver ammo or 5 rounds of .45 (Long Colt) revolver ammo.  In 1912, with the issue of the magazine pouch for the M1911 pistol, the magazine pouche was slid over the revolver ammo pouches.

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