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Very nice (2021-05-04)
Looks beautiful with my paratrooper impression. A simple design but works super well for my shoulders, very happy with it, definitely looks the part. Shipping was super fast too.

Jacques - AU
Excellent (2021-05-02)
Everything was great!

austin - US
Fast! (2020-07-28)
As always, expediant service & quality item!

Brimecombe - US
Super (2020-05-24)
Thank you for such fast response. Always satified with the quality of the items.

Grazioso - US
very good (2019-03-14)
good quality, fit well on the web gear

lorton - US
Nice (2019-02-07)
Look good and seem sturdy. Reasonably priced and fast DHL delivery as always.

graves - US
These are great (2019-01-31)
Great great quality

Wheelz - US
Very fast delivey. Great item. (2016-11-07)
An awesome addition to my airborne kit. This will make the field kit much more comfortable. Thank you.

McCloskey - US
Really happy with them! (2016-11-03)
I got them from the UAE warehouse, and they were delivered in Holland super fast! Thanks WPG!

Ottens - NL
Great Price (2016-04-04)
Great item for the best price out there

Fellmeth - US
order from WPG (2015-06-23)
the order came quick and was exactly what I ordered. The suspenders and felt pads are great. Thanks for the excellent service price and delivering of the goods.

Groninger - US
D-Day felt suspeneder pads. (2014-11-01)
These items look correct and certainly help cushion the load of your rig. They were starting to tear at the pass thru slits after one or two wearings so not a 5. I reinforced them with some stitching at the corner of each pass thru slit and tack stitched them to the suspenders. This helped improve stability and longevity. Felt is a loose textile and there's a reason paratroopers ditched them soon after D-Day.

Zachary - US
Outstanding as always (2014-05-16)
Another hit from WPG

Lee - US
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2013-06-03)
Great reproduction that seems to be a perfect copy. Highly recommend.

Chapman - US
Great (2013-04-07)
These felt pads fit on my original s. Franklin 1942 suspenders amazing not like some others and they held up great even though I don''t do airborne any more I still keep them for if I start up again which I eventually will

Dave - Massachusetts
Nice complement (2013-03-06)
Great product A great addition to any airborne pack

Bergstrom - SE
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2013-01-05)
Very pleased with the shoulder pads.

Nurden - ZA
SHOULDER PADS (2012-08-30)

Mastropolo - US
shoulder pads (2012-08-25)
very good repro's very quick shipping

silvers - GB
Pads (2011-12-21)
Just what I needed, good quality!

Schell - US
felt shoulderpads (2011-04-26)
nice looking, sturdy and makes my load a little comfortable to carry.

Severo - PH
shoulder pads (2011-01-19)
Very good and worth the money.

holback - SE
shoulder pads (2010-12-22)
Very nice product.

Thornton - US
US Brn Felt Shoulder Pads (2010-10-31)
Look good. Easy to place on harness.

Crebbs - US
bravo (2010-08-11)
Envoie rapide et serieux.bravo.merci

patrick - FR
Fastest shipping possible (2010-06-30)
You guys are incredible with the fast service thanks so much

Lumb - US
suspender shoulder pads (2010-06-30)
These are the best quality ever I have bought 4 sets.

Lumb - US
Kevin (2010-05-24)
Arrived in days of ordering. very impessive

Rowley - GB
SHOULDER PADS (2010-05-12)

williams - GB
Felt Pads (2010-04-24)
They do the job. My shoulders feel better already.

T. Velling - Illinois
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2010-04-19)
They are much better than expected, they look real ;)and makes my M36 suspenders more comfortable ;)

Gazzabini - IT
Shoulder pads (2010-02-02)
Just what I needed!

Henk - NL
Outstanding (2010-01-24)
Received the set of felt shoulder pads. They are great. Well made and appear sturdy. Delivery was better then impressive, it was unbelievable. Great job guys.

Eric - Hamden, CT
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2010-01-07)
Son loved it!

Small - US
Functional (2009-12-26)
Simple but authentic

Nick - Germany
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-12-17)
Very nice, great reproduction
Arrived here in Europe, within days after my order,Super

Vriezen - NL
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-12-14)
Great Reproduction, arrived here in the Netherlands 3 days after my order (super)

Vriezen - NL
US Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-11-04)
Super product. Just what I expected and I was not disapointed.

Cunneen - US
+++++++ (2009-10-12)
This is the thickest shoulder pad I've had ever seen!

Pntek - HU
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-10-08)
Very nice item! Makes my fieldgear much more comfortable to wear

Rinkel - US
I give 6 (2009-10-05)
best best~

yao - NL
Mr (2009-09-29)
This is a very nice little addition to my 101 airborne Webbing , great quality, and fast shipping.

Toohey - AU
Brown felt shoulder pads (2009-09-17)
I love how these pads look and feel Ive used them on other sets of web gear. They will wear fast usually they only last one season. but i still gota have em

Lumb - US
Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-07-29)
Exactly what I was looking for! Perfect for my Impression!!

Savoie - US
good! (2009-07-14)
Thank you for a wonderful thing.

Shimizu - JP
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-07-09)
Look great, always pleased with gear from WPG.

Hutton - US
US Brown Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-07-01)
Look and feel great. I was surprised, they are much better quality than expected. Great addition to my field gear.

DeBow - US
Great (2009-06-29)
Great Reproduction, very pleased.

Serfass - US
Felt Shoulder Pads (2009-06-11)
Very comfy, make the gear alot lighter, very pleased!

Gerba - US
Pads (2009-06-11)
As stated being my 1st pair makes my shoulder feel good

krueger - US
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