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top quality (2021-05-31)
Excellent quality, as advertised, prompt delivery!

Jendras - US
Love It! (2020-07-07)
Very happy with this belt. Looks authentic and I was surprised that it came with 2 belt loops. Good on you!

Conger - US
Amazed with the speed of delivery! (2020-04-07)
The quality of WPG goods are outstanding and long-lasting as exact in almost every detail.

Pack - US
A very nice belt (2019-07-27)
A nice very nice belt . As always very prompt delivery. A great business to order from

Benner - US
Another perfect item from WPG! (2018-10-22)
The belt is flawless and true to size. Many compliments received at a recent period shooting match.

Eisel - US
review (2018-03-14)
Not much more that I can say that hasen't already been said. Top quality, historically correct! It is now doing duty holding up my Colt M1911 on my jean trousers.

Mick, Arizona

Montgomery - US
Garrison Belt (2018-03-09)
Top....and thanks to Wajed for helping with the correct size

Kreil - DE
very nice repro (2017-12-21)
Looks good and has blackened brass buckle as it should be. Good natural color.

Hagge - US
A splendid belt (2017-10-17)
Heavens! This is belting leather; I haven't had a belt made from proper belting leather in 40 years. It is an elegant belt, perfect with jeans (which is why I bought it). It is well-made -- e.g., keepers have nicely tapered ends, so the stitching done not make them over-thick. The holes punched in the belt are a bit small, so wearing a few times gets a nice snug fit. I am stout, ordered a 48" model; this is more than long enough, but with sufficient punches for my 45" waist. If this is a good sample of WPG leather goods, I shall be buying other belts (there are some really nice ones offered...).

Jenner - US
A good belt (2017-10-11)
I bought this for wear with jeans. It is of a quality I cannot find elsewhere. It is worth every cent of it's quite modest price.

Rudy - New York, USA
Great leather work (2017-05-09)
Excellent leather work. Nice buckle. It will do the job.

Callaham - US
Love this belt. (2017-02-13)
This is an amazing piece. It looks great with a uniform or just to wear around.

Skriletz - US
M1904 Leather Garrison Belt (2016-04-09)
The belt looks great. The leather matches my WPG 04 saddlebags, which perfectly match the leather of my original 04 McClellan, so I think that's all I need to say.

Mark - Connecticut
beautiful belt (2015-10-19)
beautiful leather and worksmanship. I would suggest better specyfing size, as based on your description I ordered too long (no issue, I just shortened it)

Boccia - IT
5 (2015-08-26)
Great belt, absolute authentic. Will order a second one. Very fast shipping from UAE. Thank you!

Kay - DE
1904 Belt (2015-04-23)
First rate quality. Super fast delivery.

Bob - Texas
1904 Garrison Belt (2015-04-08)
Seems well made looks good.

Dillmann - US
My go-to gun belt (2015-04-05)
I got this one a while ago, and it looks even better now. I look forward to carrying my m1911 on it.

Ellis - VA
Garrison Belt (US) (2014-07-10)
Excellent product as always. Size (length) correct.

Jon - US
Vintage Belt (2014-04-19)
The belt is absolutely authentic and in a perfect quality! Thank you very much.

Schneeberger - CH
Captain (2014-03-27)
Fast delivery, good quality product will definitely repurchase. Thankyou

Grover - US
US Army M1904 Leather Garrison and Saber Belt (2012-08-12)
Very nice product. Solid and well made. Wore it along with my holster and ammo pouch to go shooting my 1917. Worked well.

Always impressed how quickly items are delivered from UAE.


Brondos - US
Garriosn Belt (2012-05-10)
Just the item I needed to wear with my M1902 Full Dress Uniform! Leather darkens nicely! Comfortable to wear as pistol rig with Breeches and Shirt.

Matthews - US
Nice Belt (2012-04-22)
Good stout belt that works well for everyday use with an off-duty holster, cuff holder, and magazine pouch.

Rich - Brooklyn, NY
M1904 Leather GarrisonA (2012-03-03)
A real nice and well made belt. I ordered size 48 and it is big. Original could not be any better.

J. R. - Kentucky
M1904 Belt (2011-11-22)
This is the perfect belt for my vintage workwear !

Rueegg - CH
Garrison belt (2011-04-26)
An excellent repro: good quality leather, correct buckle, sound stitching, exactly per Ordnance Dept spec. A couple of light coats of neatsfoot oil (carefully avoiding the stitching) and a good rub of saddle soap and it is ready for adjutant''s parade! Another Bravo Zulu!

Jon H - Ireland
Great item (2011-03-18)
As always great item. Excellent quality of leather.

LtMoravcuk - SK
Garrison Belt (2011-02-10)
I am disappointed in the quality of the leather.

Peterson - US
Sloppy Service (2010-08-18)
I ordered a size 38, received a size 36....trying to lose weight

great (2010-01-28)
a perfect item and it fits very well.

Schatull - DE
Great (2009-08-08)
Nice belt...perfect vintage look

Scott - US
Garrison and Saber belt (2009-03-25)
Good item. Thank you for prompt service.

Kambic - US