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Excellent reproduction (2018-12-04)
My only negative comment is that I wear a size 40 jacket so I ordered a 38 and it is a bit tight. I would recommend sticking with your regular size, particularly if you are wearing heavier undergarments. Hopefully there will be an M38 jacket one of these days???

Luke - US
Great light-to-medium weight jacket! (2018-11-17)
This isn't just a bit of "dress up kit"; this is a useful and practical jacket. It's sturdy, well assembled, fits well once washed and "broken in", and it's warmer and more windproof then it looks. If you're on the fence about this particular Parsons jacket, go ahead and buy it- it's good, solid, practical kit. Perfect for fall-late-fall-early-winter and with good layering you could wear it into winter.

Karp - US
Function & Aesthetics in one package (2018-11-02)
First off, the shipping was super fast; kudos to WPG for that and for their system of keeping a customer informed of their order. The jacket itself is great: the exterior is thicker and more classic o.d. than other parsons jacket repros. the lining is very nice and very plush, and adds a good amount of warmth when combined with the exterior. Sizing: i ordered a 38 regular; i'm 5'9, 143lbs, 38" chest, 32" waist. Out of the box it was a bit big, and lacking any concrete care instructions i gambled and washed it in cold water and dried it on a gentle, low heat setting (and continue to do so). It fits great now; still has room for layers underneath, but not a baggy fit with just the jacket alone. The sleeves are now a hair too short; so maybe measure your arm length and factor in a bit of shrinking before ordering. definitely recommended; well worth the money

Karp - US
It's really nice product. (2018-10-07)
I bought this product two weeks ago in korea.
Although it is worldwide delivery, it was really fast.
I received it in twelve days. LOL
And i thought this product will bigger than my size of shoulder. But it wasn't . I wanna recommend it to other customers.

Song - KR
Best reproduction i've seen (2018-06-08)
Quality jacket. i'm 6ft 260lb and the 52 long fits great with plenty of room for wool sweater underneath...EXTREMELY happy with this jacket and WPG. Highly recommend. thank you.

mcgill - US
Outstanding (2018-05-29)
Great quality, at a great price, with great customer service. Thanks Guys!

Albert - US
Good quality, but.... (2018-05-12)
I really like this jacket and the feel of it is great,however....the shoulders are tight and not compensated for wearing a t shirt nevermind a reg shirt on top of that. Price is good but that shoulder thing is really nerve-racking . Maybe it's just the one I got in , I don't know . Order a size bigger, maybe that'll help....I can't because I ordered the biggest size available. Oh well , I'm keeping it regatdless.

Parsons ussf - US
Excellent Value (2018-04-18)
Very pleased with the item, quite strong.
A bit of ironing easily removed all the
wrinkles due to shipping, and it looks great.
The size was a bit too small, and WPG were really
great about doing an exchange. Real customer
service for you! I'm spreading the word around...

Jalbert - CA
A very good M41 (2018-04-17)
The WPG M41 I received is a solid repro, with color very similar to originals I have owned and good construction. Since I no longer do living history I don't care about the WPG maker's tag but that might annoy someone who does, though it could be easily replaced/removed. The originals I used to own typically had buttons of a more caramel color but these are ok. My only real complaint is the zipper is a bit cheesy and I had to wax it a little as it tended to catch. I bought this M41 to wear around and it will serve my purposes well, it seems well made and looks sharp. I would recommend it to others.

Dempsey - US
Fast delivery , superb product (2018-04-03)
M41, lined, great price , superb service, love the coat

Korber - US
M41 jacket (2018-03-31)
Great jacket for the price, nice fit good colour and well made and as usual a fast efficient service.

Stevens - UK
Very good (2018-02-28)
Very pleased with this jacket. Very good quality, looks great fits great

Mark - US
Very satisfied-nice shell. Go for it. (2018-01-31)
I like this jacket. I have a "summer weight" M41 but the price for this lined jacket and the offering in size long made this buy irresistible. The very first thing I noticed was the shell: very sturdy. The lining is cotton flannel. There is no repro USGI QM tag but no big deal for me. Its January in Buffalo, NY and with a long sleeve shirt underneath I find this jacket is warm.

Martelli - US
M1941jacket (2018-01-13)
I like it,it replaces the last one that I got 15 years ago, I hope to keep and wear this one as long.

coleman - US
Fast delivery (2017-12-10)
Great jacket for the money. Warm and rugged

Wells - US
M41 Jacket (2017-11-28)
Very fast delivery with good packaging. The jacket is top quality and is sure to last for a time with it's durable cotton and quality stitching. I highly recommend this item for anyone looking into purchasing an M1941 Jacket.

Samuel - Salem, AL
Love it!! (2017-05-22)
Nice M41 for a great price...lining is mid-weight which is perfect!! Love the longer length too...

Nordt - US
good (2016-12-29)
It is okay. The collar is sharp and wonderful. I would call it the best if the lining was reproducing the government supply type.

chief Koda - JP
Fast delivery (2016-12-29)
Fantastic quality and very fast delivery

Everingham - CA
Good classic field jacket (2016-12-12)
The first jacket I ordered was the wrong size (my fault), but the service from WPG to get the right one was top notch. Great communication, ultra fast shipping, and I've gotta say it's a great jacket. I can't speak to its authenticity, but it sure reminds me of my grandfather's field jacket. Classic good looks in any case.

Wm B - US
Great customer service! (2016-12-01)
Shipping time is impressive, that's for sure. The first jacket I received was the wrong size (completely my fault), so I contacted customer service. The return process was extremely easy. Everyone involved was more than helpful.

My new jacket fits well and feels good. Seems to be accurate, but I'm not the best judge of that. It's a classic look and a comfortable jacket, and I'm happy with it.

Bill B - US
Amazed (2016-11-24)
this M-41 jacket is excellent, superb, fits great and I think better than the original owned years ago. Well done!!!

Drysdale - US
M-41 field jacket (2016-11-08)
This M-41 jacket is better than originals I have owned. I am extremely impressed. Once again, Jerry has produced an excellent replica and when I need something, What Price Glory is my first choice.

Andy Drysdale
Belvidere, NJ

Drysdale - US
Great Value for money (2016-11-07)
High quality jacket with nice heavy cotton shell with good workmanship. Had a couple of flaws though: no stops on zipper so zipper pull slid off (fixed this by prying some off an old zipper and clamping on so fixed); lacks bar tacks of cuffs (fixed); rear vertical seams face the wrong way but not noticeable.

Rohan - AU
Perfect (2016-11-01)
Even better than I expected for the price, considering some reproductions can be well over $100. It was shipped promptly and was received in perfect condition. Definitely worth the money.

Joe P - US
Great delivery time. (2016-07-06)
This jacket is great. I really like it and have wanted field jacket like this ever since I was a boy watching Vic Morrow in Combat.

Voss - US
Satisfied (2016-04-30)
Well constructed, excellent materials, jut seems a bit long, otherwise quite nice.

Bailey - US
Amazed (2016-04-20)
I have received my order now, very happy with the items

astbury - UK
Order One NOW (2016-04-18)
Material, sizing, sewing, and style are an accurate match to the originals. Only thing was the zipper assembly - backwards, but it won't show. Shipping was extremely fast and accurate. Impressive order, all around. Also liked the longer version. Nice touch.

Dave - US
Excellent value (2016-03-30)
Very nice field jacket reproduction. Looks just like its suppose to. Great price, fast shipping, can't beat it.

The first one I received had a manufacturing flaw that wouldn't allow you to put your arm through the sleeve. It was purchased as a birthday gift in Dec., I didn't receive it until March, so it was 3 months before I discovered the flaw. Even after that length of time had passed, there was no problem with the return. WPG knows how to treat their customers.

Haygood - US
Excellent (2016-03-28)
Yes i recieved it, it's in excellent product

Freeman  - US
US M-41 FIELD JACKET (2016-03-07)
Super company WPG great to do business with. Jacket size right on, true to size, super quality, best M-41 jacket on the market for the price. Super value!

Heller - US
excellent (2016-02-16)
What a great quality item, the best I have ever come across, customer service is exemplary, I recommend WPG to anyone who wants quality.
Thank you guys

Kitcher - UK
M1941 jacket (2016-02-14)
Fantastic quality jacket,No paper thin materials used in this quality item like some other stores use.this is top quality all the way...... Thanks for looking after us Larger sized lads Jerry.

sewell - GB
Good Product/fast shipping (2016-01-26)
Great jacket fits well and it is nice to have a long option. Only negative is that the jacket zipper was on the wrong side, its just annoying.

Ashcraft - US
Good Light Jacket (2015-11-24)
Ordered a size up and a tall. Jacket fits well but not much room for layering, Will make a nice cool weather jacket wearing a heavy shirt.

William - Patch Barracks, Germany
joe (2015-11-02)
I like my new 1941 jacket just fine. The shell is much sturdier than the one I bought several years ago, and the zipper is not backwards. Shipping was very fast. My regular size is probably about a 38, but I ordered the 40, and I'm happy with the fit. Thanks.

raymer - US
Major (2015-10-31)
Love this jacket! It is my third one! I wear it on deployment and it is always serves me well. I always seem to find a history buff that can't live without one, so I have given two away. Keep making 'em!

Frazier - US
Niice jacket (2015-10-28)
Very happy with the fit nicely made.

Boucher - CA
Excellent value Model 41 Jacket (2015-09-15)
I recently received a WPG Model 41 Field Jacket, and I could not be more pleased with it. The quality is solid, all the details are spot on, from the thin wool liner to the pale green color (which I expect to fade to a more khaki color as it ages, like the originals). The sleeves were 1 1/2" too long, but a needle and thread fixed that in no time. I normally wear a 42R jacket, and this size 42 fits just the way I like it, plenty of room for a wool shirt and sweater. All in all, the best repro M41 Jacket I've seen, and a great value for the price. I highly recommend this product for anyone in the market for a good M41 jacket.

Asturias - US
1941 field jacket (2015-09-12)
good. quality product, best price available

Sharp - US
M41 Field Jacket (2015-05-06)
Jacket is spot on. Perfect fit as well. Shipping was very fast. THANKS WPG.

Martin - US
M41 Jacket (2015-05-04)
Quality of Jacket is fantastic and shipping was very fast.

Stephen - NC
M41 jacket (2015-04-07)
The M41 Jacket looks great and appears well made. Shipping was fast.

Scutella - US
Great (2015-02-04)
great great great jacket nice everything good job will buy again

shermetaro - US
Dr. (2015-01-01)
Circumference of wool sleeves is tight, tighter than the cotton shell's circumference. Zipper is missing one tooth and it hangs up there. Prefer to keep it since a size 50 Long was not avail.

Chu - US
Another nice reproduction jacket (2014-12-30)
Color of this M41 field jacket is very similar to original,Maybe one of best in this field.
Bought it for my friend and when received it, He is very satisfied with it's quality.

US M1941 Field Jacket (2014-12-09)
Thank you for speedy delivery

Lee - HK
US M1941 Field Jacket (2014-08-05)
Very good jacket and fast service!!

Thank you! (2014-07-26)
Really great! good quality and quick postage!

Eric - FR
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