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Super delivery (2017-04-25)
items are quickly shipped...impressive. The tie needed ironing but looked great.

Johns - US
amazed (2017-03-29)
you all are wonderful,easy to work with and FAST.

Reed - US
neck tie (2017-03-28)
looks good and long enough.

Pace - US
authentic tie (2017-02-01)
This tie is cut in the shape and length of the original. Although a bit short by today's standards, it is meant to be tucked between the second and third buttons, at least when the shirt is worn as an outergarment. The fabric is a little thin, compared to modern ties, and I recommend tying it once, and then leaving it tied rather than untying and retying with each wear.

Tom - US
Super fast (2016-07-03)
Fits perfect, thank you.

Kropik - FR
super fast delivery (2016-04-26)
tie is a bit longer than the original but still very nice

Martin - US
Khaki Necktie Repro (2016-03-18)
Excellent product as always---and I even remember HOW to tie a necktie.Fast delivery, satisfying transaction!

Williams - US
Very fast delivery, great item (2016-01-18)
Great service, couldn't have hoped for better

Franklin - AU
US Khaki Necktie (2015-12-22)
Great repro. Colour broadly similar to my original. Open mesh look weave also similar. Longer at 139cms. The lower blade quite a bit wider. No keeper loop, as per my original.

Deere - UK
Tie (2015-11-07)
Great tie and a fast delivery

Hampton - UK
4 (2015-03-03)
Excellent delivery time.
Long enough and acceptable quality.
The material is thin and the color is excellent.

Schultz - US
US Khaki neck tie (2014-11-25)
looks great with my khaki officers uniform

McMurtrie - AU
Khaki Tie (2014-10-01)
Great tie, Completes my Father's WWII AAF Tunic and
Wool shirt.

Berquist - US
Nice! (2014-09-23)
Soft, nice, comfortable!

Inozemtsev - RU
Khaki necktie (2014-08-04)
Really great tie, spot-on color and materials!

Warburton - CA
Great value (2014-07-13)
Quick delivery, good quality and a great value.

Caskey - US
Tie (2014-05-28)
A very important detail, hard to find as an original, absoultely great repro. Thanks!

Roselli  - IT
Retired military (2014-04-04)
A excellent match to the summer khaki uniform I bought from WPG. Good job.

summers - US
US Khaki Necktie (2014-03-19)
The tie is very good reproduction. It matches the tropical shirt well and is long enough. I am 6'1" Rapid delivery.

Schneider - US
Tie (2013-12-30)
Tie was as expected and matches Khaki Poplin shirt perfectly

Hyde - US
Khaki Necktie (2013-11-09)
Very good fabric. Seems authentic. I would buy again.

Hyde - US
US Khaki Necktie (2013-11-01)
Perfect at all levels, just as expected!

german - ES
Tie (2013-07-13)
Tie seems a little cheaply made if its made out of original material then I take comment back

Johnson - AU
US Tie (2013-03-11)
Great, perfect! good size, long. And just a week to have at home.

chasco - ES
tie (2013-03-11)
The tie is great thanks.

Sonnon - US
US Khaki Necktie (2013-03-08)
Thanks, good.

Schuch - DE
Khaki necktie (2012-12-17)
Very nice and good quality

Suarez - ES
tie (2012-08-17)
The tie is perfect

Rash - US
Nice (2012-05-08)
I got the summer kakie officer uniform.
There all the best quality.
See You At Ok D-Day...8D

Selner SirRod - US
neck tie (2012-04-10)
Looks great. Thanks!

Wallin - SE
Necktie (2012-03-15)
Just like the originals!

Thomas - US
5 (2012-02-29)
Tie is perfect. Thank you.

Gillespie - US
khaki tie (2011-12-09)
little short and thin, but will work for when I wear it. Fast delivery.

Welker - US
Khaki Tie (2011-12-06)
Exactly what I expected! Great tie great price. Dresses up a class A uniform sharply. Thanks

Chapman - US
US (2011-12-02)
Tie is very close match to an original I have. I'll have it dry cleaned to get the sizing out.

Stumpf - US
nice (2011-11-10)
looks authentic and period.

Ray - US
US Khaki Necktie (2011-10-30)
Lightning FAST delivery. Great product.

Santiago - US
Dr. (2011-07-25)
Ok, a bit lightweight and short, but in order for the use it is intended for (Re-enactment)

Capt. Jackal - CH
Khaki Necktie (2011-07-01)
Fantastic match.

Allen - US
As expected. (2011-04-18)
Good product and great service.

Cook - US
Derek (2011-04-11)
Absolutely fist class, very fast delivery

Well plwased

Pattison - GB
perfect tie (2011-04-03)
this tie is perfect

Bradley - US
US khaki tie (2011-04-02)
Nice tie goes great with uniform i have the delivery was lightning fast.

US Khaki Necktie (2011-03-08)
Great tie and as always very quick delivery.

Bengtsson - SE
Khaki tie (2011-01-03)
Tie is excellent quality, shipping is fast. Thanks.

Harvey - US
Khaki Tie (2010-12-25)
The tie is great. A great addition to my outfit!

Armstrong, N - GB
WWII khaki shirt, pants, tie, and belt (2010-12-16)
Pants and shirt fit well after the recommended washing. Good feel and color. One shirt sleeve botton hole not cut and incorrectly placed. Excellent delivery service.

Covington - US
Reenactor (2010-11-09)
Great tie, will go great with all my military shirts.

Vozar - US
Woman's Tie (2010-10-10)
The tie was perfect and the delivery was excellent

Faint - US
Necktie (2010-09-30)
Quick shipping to Europe and nice quality.

Becker - DE
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