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Nice item (2023-05-16)
Good quality! Thanks

Schuelly - US
Great tie (2022-09-18)
OK, so it's long. It has to be to accommodate all of the plus size, big/tall fellas buying them. For us runts, the tail can be cut, reshaped or left blunt, and the fabric used to attach a keeper inside the blade (front part). Given the variations between WW2 manufacturers, it's spot on.
I'm going to try some Rit dye to make a black one (for Navy) and a chocolate or OD. They're made of natural fabric, so standard Rit, using their color charts, out to work, especially for the black.
I got a couple to experiment.

John - Calif
US Khaki Necktie (2021-08-12)
Thank You, fast shipping

Good tie ... and fast! (2021-07-01)
Khaki tie was great. The fabric was a bit thinner than expected, but nonetheless great. Came fast, too.

Granger - US
Fast shipping (2021-05-12)
The shipping was really fast and the tie looks really nice. It will go well with my US shirts and jackets

Jacques - AU
Excellent quality and quick delivery (2021-03-27)
Excellent quality of a reproduction tie, similar to originals I’ve seen.

Chris Somers - US
tie looks good (2021-03-04)
looks right

Unwin - US
Very fast shipping, just perfect. (2021-02-05)
Very fast shipping, just perfect.

Schiess - CH
Very nice construction (2020-08-23)
Seems a little long, but I like the material. The best tie I have.

Spellman - US
Fast delivery to UK (2020-01-25)
very pleased with the tie just what I was looking for.

Baker - UK
Necktie too much like originals (2019-11-10)
My first thought was "too much like WW2 issue ties" WPG is too authentic?!

Super! (2019-10-24)
Excellent tie, very fast delivery.

Styrcz - PL
Shipping and delivery were incredibly fast (2018-09-04)
The tie material was thin but an overall great product for the money. Worked well.

ganley - US
Thanks, good (2018-08-13)
Good lenght, but fabrication and colour is different to other I got.

Schuch - DE
Very nice!!! (2018-07-25)
Looks like the real thing, very nice for the reenactor!

Troche - US
Just like original (2018-03-25)
I put the tie side-by-side with a period version of the tie. It was completely accurate down to the stitch.

John Craparo - US
5 (2017-10-02)
Quick delivery; exactly as advertised.

Deutsch - US
Good delivery (2017-09-17)
Looks good thanks

Crossman - US
khaki tie, EM Ike jacket and wool shirt. (2017-06-20)
High quality EM Ike jacket, khaki tie and wool shirt. Fast and friendly service and shipping! We're very happy and
our WW2 Veteran is happy as well! Thank you Jerry and all...

Kievlan - US
Super delivery (2017-04-25)
items are quickly shipped...impressive. The tie needed ironing but looked great.

Johns - US
amazed (2017-03-29)
you all are wonderful,easy to work with and FAST.

Reed - US
neck tie (2017-03-28)
looks good and long enough.

Pace - US
authentic tie (2017-02-01)
This tie is cut in the shape and length of the original. Although a bit short by today's standards, it is meant to be tucked between the second and third buttons, at least when the shirt is worn as an outergarment. The fabric is a little thin, compared to modern ties, and I recommend tying it once, and then leaving it tied rather than untying and retying with each wear.

Tom - US
Super fast (2016-07-03)
Fits perfect, thank you.

Kropik - FR
super fast delivery (2016-04-26)
tie is a bit longer than the original but still very nice

Martin - US
Khaki Necktie Repro (2016-03-18)
Excellent product as always---and I even remember HOW to tie a necktie.Fast delivery, satisfying transaction!

Williams - US
Very fast delivery, great item (2016-01-18)
Great service, couldn't have hoped for better

Franklin - AU
US Khaki Necktie (2015-12-22)
Great repro. Colour broadly similar to my original. Open mesh look weave also similar. Longer at 139cms. The lower blade quite a bit wider. No keeper loop, as per my original.

Deere - UK
Tie (2015-11-07)
Great tie and a fast delivery

Hampton - UK
4 (2015-03-03)
Excellent delivery time.
Long enough and acceptable quality.
The material is thin and the color is excellent.

Schultz - US
US Khaki neck tie (2014-11-25)
looks great with my khaki officers uniform

McMurtrie - AU
Khaki Tie (2014-10-01)
Great tie, Completes my Father's WWII AAF Tunic and
Wool shirt.

Berquist - US
Nice! (2014-09-23)
Soft, nice, comfortable!

Inozemtsev - RU
Khaki necktie (2014-08-04)
Really great tie, spot-on color and materials!

Warburton - CA
Great value (2014-07-13)
Quick delivery, good quality and a great value.

Caskey - US
Tie (2014-05-28)
A very important detail, hard to find as an original, absoultely great repro. Thanks!

Roselli  - IT
Retired military (2014-04-04)
A excellent match to the summer khaki uniform I bought from WPG. Good job.

summers - US
US Khaki Necktie (2014-03-19)
The tie is very good reproduction. It matches the tropical shirt well and is long enough. I am 6'1" Rapid delivery.

Schneider - US
Tie (2013-12-30)
Tie was as expected and matches Khaki Poplin shirt perfectly

Hyde - US
Khaki Necktie (2013-11-09)
Very good fabric. Seems authentic. I would buy again.

Hyde - US
US Khaki Necktie (2013-11-01)
Perfect at all levels, just as expected!

german - ES
Tie (2013-07-13)
Tie seems a little cheaply made if its made out of original material then I take comment back

Johnson - AU
US Tie (2013-03-11)
Great, perfect! good size, long. And just a week to have at home.

chasco - ES
tie (2013-03-11)
The tie is great thanks.

Sonnon - US
US Khaki Necktie (2013-03-08)
Thanks, good.

Schuch - DE
Khaki necktie (2012-12-17)
Very nice and good quality

Suarez - ES
tie (2012-08-17)
The tie is perfect

Rash - US
Nice (2012-05-08)
I got the summer kakie officer uniform.
There all the best quality.
See You At Ok D-Day...8D

Selner SirRod - US
neck tie (2012-04-10)
Looks great. Thanks!

Wallin - SE
Necktie (2012-03-15)
Just like the originals!

Thomas - US
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