About Us

Welcome to What Price Glory (WPG) a.k.a. onlinemilitaria.net where you can search categories or simply enter your keyword (RECOMMENDED) to have your desired items(s) popup. You can manage your account online, track your order and contact Customer Service respectively.

We have a comprehensive range or products spanning the period 1866 to 1980. We supply many re-enactment groups in USA/ Europe and have supplied many films, TV shows/documentaries. Many of our replicas are on display in museums around the world, substituting for original items that are too rare or too fragile to display. You can download our 100+ Pages catalogue (updated daily) with direct buy link here

Due to the expansion of WPG as the largest worldwide supplier of reenactor uniforms and equipment, we have established our central Logistics Hub in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which ships 90% of orders while the rest are handled via our smaller US Warehouse.